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New Holland America Line cruise is ‘forward-thinking’

New Holland America Line cruise is ‘forward-thinking’

New Holland America has given cruise enthusiasts a little preview of its new liner, called MS Koningsdam, to whet their appetites.

It won’t start sailing around the world until the beginning of 2016, but to make up for this, the public can feast their eyes on some images of the interior of the vessel, which has been described as “stunning”.

This liner will be the first one in the Pinnacle class and it can cater for 2,560 guests inside.

Adam D Tihany and Bjorn Storbraaten have been the brains behind the interior decoration and Tihany boasts an impressive portfolio, having created luxurious designs for some of the globe’s hottest properties.

With ms Koningsdam, the aim was to ensure the inside mirrored the style that Holland America Line is known for, yet also to push the creative boundaries to provide a fusion of past, present and future.

Mr Tihany said: “The idea was to tell a story that guests can connect with throughout their voyage. I was inspired by the thought of what you might see from the inside of a musical instrument, what the architecture of the surfaces and the geometry look like.”

He spoke of how he wanted guests to engage with the architecture as opposed to being more passive and nonchalant towards it. What’s more, Mr Tihany conveyed how his aim was to exaggerate the feeling of height, so the passengers felt like they were in as grandiose a setting as possible.

In terms of specific details, the dining room will be across two floors and pillars will lead passengers’ gaze up to the ceiling, while there will be modern glass lighting to make the most of the space.

The Queen’s Lounge has received a makeover and gives guests the opportunity of going to the theatre as part of the on-board entertainment. The inspiration of music is apparent, with the sensual curves of a violin and lots of wood being used. In addition, world-renown musicians will showcase their talents, while the largest dance floor on the vessel is available for guests to party the night away.

Chief executive officer of Holland America Group Stein Kruse said: “When guests come aboard ms Koningsdam they’ll know they’re on a Holland America Line ship, but they’ll see we’re taking a forward-thinking approach to many of the design elements.”

Mr Kruse said that “innovative new features” would be unveiled over the coming months to whet passengers’ appetites further, alongside the traditional hallmarks, meaning it will be an experience ahead of its time.

The first sailings open for bookings from December 1st.


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