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New Announcement From Virgin Cruises Shocks Cruising World

New Announcement From Virgin Cruises Shocks Cruising World

Virgin Cruises have just announced more details of their upcoming cruise line set to launch in the next few years. In fact, the cruise line has now changed their name entirely to Virgin Voyages.

Richard Branson led a press conference in Miami to explain his vision for his new line, which is set to launch three ships between 2020 and 2022.

Controversially, Branson said “the name cruise is pretty awful so I don’t like that. I don’t know why people call their companies cruise companies.” He also said that his brand would “change cruise for good” and that guests will also be known as “sailors” rather than passengers.

Explaining his vision for the brand he said: “The only reason we ever go into a new industry is if we feel it’s lacking in something and I think the cruise industry, there is a lot of people who just would never go on a cruise ship. We basically decided, ‘Let’s have a blank sheet of paper, let’s create the kind of voyage company that we would like to go on,’ and that’s what we’ve done.”

The CEO of Virgin Voyages Tom McAplin also said that their cruises would be “a departure from the ordinary getaway.”

These three ships will begin construction in the next few years, with the steel cutting for the first ship set to take place early next year. They will all be identical and weigh 110,000 tons and carry 2,800 passengers. Virgin also intend to keep their ships small so as to attract customers who want a boutique cruising line.


Virgin Voyages from Virgin Voyages on Vimeo.


As well as this, the ships are said to be unique in design as they promise to be environmentally friendly with systems fitted to turn the ship’s waste into clean electricity. This claims to give all ships a much smaller carbon footprint and eliminate 5,400 tons of carbon dioxide waste per year.

They also have plans to transform hot water into electricity and have plans to introduce this technology to their ships with the help of a company called Climeon Ocean.

Branson has hinted that the ships will sail to Cuba and said that the ships would have journeys that were romantic, glamorous and bold.

So what do you think of the news? Would you like to sail on one of Virgin’s new ships? Are you excited for their release in 2020? Do you think there is room for a brand new cruise line? Let us know in the comments below…

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