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NCL Increase Grats For The Second Time This Year

NCL Increase Grats For The Second Time This Year

What’s going on over at Norwegian Cruise Lines?

It seems like there’s been a slew of changes in recent months with very few of them being to the benefit of the guest!

It started off well back in April (which we reported here), when they announced they’d be making a lot of their speciality restaurants (which currently came with a cover charge) complimentary.

Then things took a turn for the worse when they announced room service charges would be increasing (reported here).

After that things seemed to take a turn for the strange when NCL decided they were going to ban people taking food out of the buffet, restaurants or main dining room (which we covered here) although this raised such a furore on social media that they had to back down and remove the ban not even a month later (which you can read about here).

Last week it appeared as though NCL were again looking to charge guests extra when they announced they’d be swapping from a speciality dining system (with a flat cover charge) to an a la carte system (where you have to pay per item you order) – Which you can learn more about here.

Finally the news broke over the weekend that Norwegian Cruise Lines, effective as of the 01st August 2015, would be once again increasing the service charges added to guest’s on-board accounts. They were only increased in February from $12.00 to $12.95 per person per night for people staying in standard cabins, $13.50 for mini suite guests and $15.50 for suite guests.

This rate however has now increased again by a whopping $1.50 per person per night!

Don’t worry if you’ve already got a cruise booked though. As long as you book before the 31st July you can prepay them at the existing rate (although if you don’t pre-pay them they will be added to your on-board account at the new, higher amount so be warned).

How do you feel about these changes? Would they put you off a cruise on an NCL ship?

Are you already a regular Norwegian Cruise Lines fan?

How do you feel about it?

Let us know in the comments below…

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