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NCL Forced To Back Down On Food Ban

NCL Forced To Back Down On Food Ban

We reported earlier this month that Norwegian Cruise Line would be forbidding guests from taking food out of the main restaurants back to their cabins- but it seems that they’ve now had a ‘change of heart’!

Norwegian President Andy Stuart announced the decision to reverse the policy that was introduced earlier this month, after a considerable amount of customer complaints on cruise forums and social media.

www.CRUISE.co.uk had plenty of feedback from our customers about the initial news – and a lot of you weren’t happy!

On our Facebook page, you said:

Geoff B said: “Ok….. NCL is off my list!”

Brad F said: “Funny how this policy came into effect at the same time NCL started charging for all room service!!”

Lynn S said: “I’m just worried now dining rooms will be full of screaming kids having meltdowns because parents can’t take their meals back to rooms so stay put until they finish their meal!!”

Matthew R agreed and said: “I like to take some cake and a tea back to the stateroom and what if you have children they may want a snack.”

Linda M pointed out that it wasn’t just about having the freedom to eat in your room as she said: “There are not always enough tables in the buffet at peak times” which could be why so many prefer to take food away from the dining rooms.

However, some of you also thought that the introduction of the new rule was a good idea:

Tim W said: “I think this is a good policy. Too many people indulge in slobbish behaviour. If you want a meal in your room, then order room service…otherwise eat in the restaurant, at a table preferably!”

Susan L said: “I think it’s wrong that passengers bring food back from the buffet, my friend hurt herself when she slipped of food that been dropped in a lift!! Eat in the buffet or the restaurant!!!”

However, this policy (which was barely a month old) has now been reversed!

Andy Stuart said that the policy had been introduced to avoid the pile up of dishes left in corridors. So instead of banning food being taken away from restaurants, NCL will now introduce more frequent inspections of corridors instead so that dishes are removed more quickly.

He said: “We picked the wrong solution,” but insisted that the reversal of the policy is “another good example of how we listen to customer feedback and act on it.”

He also said that the introduction of the policy at the same time as the increase in room service charge was merely coincidental.

What do you think of the news? Are you pleased that people power appears to have worked in this instance? Let us know in the comments below!

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