MSC set to Astonish with MSC Meraviglia

MSC set to Astonish with MSC Meraviglia

A $5.4 billion growth plan marks a milestone for MSC cruises as the first steel for the new visa generation of mega ships was cut at STX France.

MSC cruises executive chairman ‘Pierfrancesco Vago’ announced the new ship would be named ‘MSC Meraviglia’ at the steel cutting ceremony in Saint-Nazaire.

Geona, Marseille and Barcelona will be the first home port stops of MSC Meraviglia’s summer sailings.

MSC Meraviglia houses an extended MSC Yacht club (a luxury area on fore decks) they offer;

  • Duplex Suites
  • Solarium
  • Private Lounge
  • Restaurant

Entertainment choices on this ship will include;

  • Panoramic spaces
  • Large theatre
  • Amusement parks linked to Aqua Park
  • Three deck interior promenade

Pierfrancesco Vago said; “MSC Meraviglia will be the biggest and most innovative cruise ship ever built by a global European-based cruise line, we chose a name that denotes the sense of awe and wonderment felt when you experience the ship’s stunning features, which only an MSC cruise, with its unique Mediterranean-style, can deliver. MSC Meraviglia brings together the industry knowhow of MSC Cruises, a young, bold company built upon 300 years of seafaring tradition and the expertise of one of the most advanced shipyards in the world. Today, building started on a true maritime marvel.”

STX France General Manager Laurent Castaing added: “Since March 2014, more than 400 people from our various teams have been working tirelessly to define the special features of a ship that, I am certain will set the standard for its generation. This extraordinary project is testament to MSC Cruises’ visionary approach, and we are proud to collaborate with them through our capacity for innovation and know-how.” 

Gianni Onorato, MSC Cruises Chief Executive Officer said: “This steel-cutting event marks a decisive milestone in the company’s development plan, one that will see MSC Cruises double its capacity by 2022 through up to seven new ships and a $5.4 billion investment plan.” 

He added: “MSC Meraviglia will be one of the greenest and safest ships in the industry, as well as one of the most technologically advanced. We are thrilled that in just a few weeks guests can start booking this truly remarkable ship, which will bring cruise travellers to the most exciting destinations around the world in outstanding comfort and style.”

This new ship introduces modern features to keep up with the technologic advances being introduced through many other cruiselines, MSC Meraviglia will feature new tech focused amenities such as;

Near field technology- This technology can be use with the passengers cruise card, bracelet or smartphone, making on-board payments, access to staterooms and ge-locating children a lot easier!

LED screen- But not any LED screen, a 5,167 square foot LED screen! (You won’t hear the kids nagging you for one of these any time soon- although after the trip.. maybe you will!). This screen forms the entire ceiling of the ships inside promenade, compelling images through day and night.

The ship will be the first of two identical ships on order from STX France, the second is due to start sailing in 2019. 2022 may also promise two other Vista Ship projects (But we will get back to you on that!)

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