MSC Cruises Takes Delivery of MSC Grandiosa, Their ‘Greenest’ Ship To Date!

MSC Cruises Takes Delivery of MSC Grandiosa, Their ‘Greenest’ Ship To Date!

On 31st October 2019 MSC Cruises’ brand new ship ‘MSC Grandiosa’ was delivered to the cruise line from Chantiers de l’Atlantique, one of the world leaders in cruise ship construction. The delivery ceremony of MSC Cruises’ newest flagship took place in the presence of Gianluigi Aponte, MSC Group Chairman.

Another important milestone took place on this day with the traditional cutting of the first steel and naming of the first World Class ship, MSC Europa. This was carried out by MSC Cruises Executive Chairman, Pierfrancesco Vago. MSC Europa is the first of five LNG- powered cruise ships on order and the first LNG ship to be built in France.

The two events marked another important step forward in MSC Cruises’ long-term commitment to environmental stewardship both at sea as well as ashore.

Pierfrancesco Vago, MSC Cruises’ Executive Chairman, said: “MSC Cruises has since its inception embraced a commitment to environmental stewardship and ways to minimise and continuously reduce our environmental footprint both at sea and ashore with the use of innovative, leading-edge and effective technologies across our entire fleet. With each new ship, we raise the bar of environmental performance and our ultimate goal is zero emissions operations. MSC Grandiosa moves us another significant step forward in that genuine ambition.

The integration of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology onboard a cruise ship is a world first. This technology operates at very high temperature (~750° C) and is more efficient for high-power marine like applications than the low-temperature Hydrogen-based Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) solutions, used for instance in the automotive sector. The SOFC technology offers a very good electrical efficiency up to 60%, and as the heat produced can be self-consumed on board, its total efficiency – heat and electricity – can be much higher, resulting in a direct reduction of energy consumption and therefore of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

MSC Grandiosa is MSC Cruises’ most-environmentally-advanced ship at sea yet and a testament to the Company’s long-standing commitment to protect the seas and respect the communities that it touches. The ship is highly equipped with advanced cutting-edge technologies geared to ensure ever cleaner air emissions and improved overall environmental performance both while at sea and ashore.

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What do you think of MSC’s brand new ship? Are you planning to sail on her? Are you happy that cruise lines are making their ships more environmentally friendly? Let us know in the comments below…

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