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Mother Misses Cruise Ship Whilst Kids Still On-Board!

Mother Misses Cruise Ship Whilst Kids Still On-Board!

You might have seen a few cases before of the most unlucky people missing their cruise ship by mere minutes, running along after it hoping there was a small chance they could still get on-board, but never a case like this…

A female passenger was seen looking distraught as her ship pulled away from the dock last week on April 21st. The Norwegian Breakaway, a 144,000 ton vessel, left Nassau, Bahamas a minute or so after the lady arrived.

A fellow passenger named Scott Thomas caught the footage on his phone of the lady on her knees, throwing her hands up in the air, just feet away from the ship. As if the situation wasn’t bad enough, she was heard to be shouting that her kids were still on-board. No other details are known, but other passengers thought another man joined her a little later.


Our specialist cruise consultant Molly told us: ‘Some cruise lines do allow children to stay on-board without their parents in the kids clubs if the parents want to go ashore without them. Personally as a mother of four I do use the kids club but would never leave them on-board alone!’

The Norwegian Breakaway was on a 14-day Bahamas and Bermuda cruise, departed from its home-port in New York on April 17th and called at Nassau on April 21st. The 4,090 passenger ship departed at 5:30 and the lady was said to have arrived only a minute or so later.

Molly told us more of her thoughts on this: ‘What I don’t understand is why this lady was late back as the departure time is always displayed in the daily schedule and normally there is a sign as you get off the ship that asks you to be back on-board 30 minutes before departure!’ You can read more of Molly’s blog here.

You’ve been warned! Hopefully this won’t happen to you, but if it does click here for ten things you HAVE to do if you get left behind in port.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this could happen to you? What would you do if you missed your cruise ship? Leave us your comments below!

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