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5 Of The Best Complimentary Restaurants At Sea You Have To Tick Off Your List

5 Of The Best Complimentary Restaurants At Sea You Have To Tick Off Your List

We all know one of the best things about cruises is that once you’ve paid, you’ve paid. No need to worry about getting any more notes out your wallet until you arrive at port and fancy your first beer, souvenir or typical tourist attraction.

Having said that, all cruises still give us the option of paying an additional fee for something a little different, something slightly more upscale i.e. all singing, all dancing waiters in an onboard American diner.

But it’s more than fair to say that you might not want to consider these extra prices when the complimentary options are what you’ve already paid for anyway! So take a look at the five best restaurants at sea, free of charge, that you just have to tick off your list…

1- Sorrento’s Pizza

Royal Caribbean

Some of you all may love the formal nights onboard a cruise, but everyone loves a casual pizza. An extra cheesy margherita slice isn’t just for sitting at home in front of the TV on a Saturday night…

Sorrento’s Pizza is Royal Caribbean’s New York style pizziera open to the early hours of the morning, so you don’t have to think twice of grabbing a few slices of the best Italian snack after your two-hour early morning stint in the karaoke bar!


A family affair or a fun date for couples and friends, Sorrento’s Pizza is one you’ll be glad you’ve already paid for.

For a fee: Alternatively if you’re on a week or fortnight cruise. you might fancy splashing a few pennies one night. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to visit Chops Grille, the signature steakhouse famous for for the most succulent steak and sizzling seafood. The extra price you pay will be in exchange for the most upscale, contemporary setting!

2- Guy’s Burger Joint

Carnival Cruises

Sometimes we’re picky with our food, but who says it has to be the waiters fault? Throw these worries away with Carnival’s build-a-burger theme at Guy’s Burger Joint!

The line teamed up with best-selling author, restaurateur and Food Network personality Guy Fieri to bring the authentic appeal of a roadside burger shack at on onboard burger joint.


You can enjoy hot burgers and hand-cut fries by the poolside and even try a fresh-off-the-grill burger Guy’s way, or take it off-road to their toppings bar to make it your own, just how you like it.

For a fee: sometimes your favourite food ever might not be available for free, but luckily you won’t have to break the bank to indulge in the spicy dishes. Jiji’s Asian Kitchen surrounds you with Mongolian-inspired fabrics as you enjoy exciting, exotic dishes designed to delight your senses!

3- 24-Hour International Cafe

Princess Cruises

Fancy meals and formal nights are a well-loved part of cruises, but what about when you just feel like being casual on your holiday? It doesn’t matter what time you’re peckish or fancy a coffee break, Princess’ International Cafe will have your back.

From grilled paninis to gourmet salads, from hot tasty desserts to daily soups; you’ll have everything you need included in your fare (and so it should be!)


It’s located in your ship’s Piazza and every menu will slightly alter in each vessel so prepare for a little bit of variety…

For a fee: If you like the decoration to be as exquisite as the food itself, head for Kai Sushi! The traditional sushi bar will serve up its specialities right in front of your eyes before your elegant experience well worth the extra fee…

4- Buffet

MSC Cruises

If food is really your thing, you’ll happily admit that you love a buffet. It’s the first thing you head for after enduring a long embarkation and it’s the guilty pleasure after your stint at the karaoke bar!

MSC champion buffets in all its glory and offer you everything you can think of and bring you an authentic Mediterranean dining experience, with what they call a ‘visible kitchen – you’ll be able to watch our chefs creating freshly made pasta, pizzas, breads and desserts while browsing a wide array of stations and food corners

For a fee: another dinery which matches its atmosphere to its menu! Tex Mex presents to you phenomenal Mexican tapas with ice-cool Margaritas to really get you in the mood. There’s even a special kids menu in case the spicy specialities on offer don’t tickle their fancy!

*self serving buffet rules may differ depending on each cruise lines health and safety rules.

5- Blu

Celebrity Cruises

It doesn’t matter if you’re on your holiday, you might still want to keep up your healthy regime. So it helps if your cruise ship gives a variety of healthy options without giving you that feeling of missing out.

Passengers staying in AquaClass cabins and other suites have exclusive access to Blu, a private dining venue that specialises in “clean cuisine”.

Blu onboard Celebrity is inspired by the Mediterranean sea, so expect cool and refreshing interiors to surround you while you take your pick from the menu.


Your choice will include the likes of charred veal loin with roasted vegetables, or tender steak served with a truffle vinaigrette (and don’t worry, they don’t forget about the desserts!)

For a fee: If you fancy stepping up the sophistication a little, then how about some classic French-inspired cuisine? Murano onboard Celebrity ships presents to you a timeless allure of  continental French cuisine with chefs who know their flavours like the back of their hand…

Do you stick to the complimentary dining included in your fare or do you sometimes like to splash the cash for something a little more upscale? Which speciality restaurants onboard your favourite cruise line are your most visited? Leave us your comments and thoughts below!

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