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Man So Desperate To Catch The Flight He Missed… He Ran After It!

Man So Desperate To Catch The Flight He Missed… He Ran After It!

It has been revealed that a man was so desperate to catch his plane to Madrid that he ran after it along the tarmac!

The dramatic scenes took place as a Bolivian man missed his Ryan air flight from Gran Canaria. When the man in question realised that he has missed his final boarding call he distracted staff and then leapt 10ft from a jet bridge to the tarmac below.

He then ran towards flight, bags in hand. Amazingly he was allowed on the flight, despite being stopped by stunned ground crew.

A spokesman for Spanish Airports Authority said that the man had broken a fire alarm as a diversion to his attempt to board the moving plane. They said: “The incident happened around 9pm on Friday.

“We called the Civil Guard in after he breached security and broke a firm alarm before reaching the tarmac.

“We don’t know what happened after the Civil Guard were called. The only person who can answer the question of why he acted like he did is the man who protagonised this incident.

“It is definitely a first for this airport.”

It is said that this passenger is now facing a large fine for running after his plane. He breached many levels of security to try and flag down his plane and many frequent flyers have criticised his actions. Others have even suggested he could be banned from flying.

You can watch footage of his daring attempt below:


Ryanair have yet to give a statement on the incident but are referring to it as a “security breach.”

You can also read what our specialist cruise consultant George thought of the news here!

So what do you think of the news? Would you ever go to such lengths to make your flight? Have you ever missed a flight or seen someone running to make one? Let us know in the comments below!

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