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Man Gets Royal Caribbean Logo Tattoo To Remember His Cruise

Man Gets Royal Caribbean Logo Tattoo To Remember His Cruise

How much do you love your favourite cruise line? One avid cruiser certainly has the answer to that question!

Meet David Chamberlin…

As you can probably tell from the new tattoo he’s proudly sporting he’s a MASSIVE Royal Caribbean fan.

The www.CRUISE.co.uk team spotted his new ink yesterday on Facebook and knew straight away we had to reach out and speak to him…


www.CRUISE.co.uk: So David, how many cruises have you done so far?

David:  To date I’ve done three cruises with a fourth on the horizon… all with Royal Caribbean obviously!


www.CRUISE.co.uk: What made you choose Royal Caribbean?

David: For most of my life I’ve taken holidays in mainland Spain and also taken my family and decided a change was needed as boredom was starting to creep in. So we decided upon a cruise to sample different destinations. Royal Caribbean had glowing recommendations from every one we asked so that was that! It was to be Royal Caribbean…. I only wish I could turn back the clock to fit more cruises in!


www.CRUISE.co.uk: What made you decide on a Royal Caribbean tattoo?

David: The idea came about as I really just liked the company’s Crown and Anchor logo and thought it would make a nice tattoo.


www.CRUISE.co.uk: Did you get the tattoo whilst on holiday?

David: No, I got it done when I was home by a trusted local artist at a company called Heavens Ink.


www.CRUISE.co.uk: So if you’re planning on adding to the rollcall what happens when you run out of room?

David: I guess time will have to tell. 


www.CRUISE.co.uk: What does your partner think of it?

David: Ha! Well the ship rollcall idea was hers so I guess she loves it!


www.CRUISE.co.uk: People don’t normally associate tattoos and cruise holidays and it’s been known for some to look down on them… What would you say to those people?
David: Tattoos are a personal choice and need to be well thought out and not just chosen on a whim… After all you have to live with your choice… I just liked the idea of the Royal Caribbean one as I’m nuts about cruising with them!


What do you think? Have you ever gone to this length to show your love of a cruise line? Would you…?

And maybe more importantly; do you think Royal Caribbean will now be swapping their WOW wrist bands with permanent tattoo’s instead?

Let us know in the comments below!

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