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Lugging Your Luggage Becomes a Thing of the Past

Lugging Your Luggage Becomes a Thing of the Past

We have an exciting announcement to make here at Cruise.co.uk. We’ve paired up with luggage delivery service Luggage Mule to offer its latest cruise product offering.

Launched five months ago, Luggage Mule offers holidaymakers a unique service whereby they can have their luggage transported from their home straight to the cruise cabin.

The lead price of £55 for each bag delivered has been welcomed by cruise-goers and the company has delivered more than two hundred bags to date.

Cruise.co.uk is the first cruise retail partner of Luggage Mule and the delivery service will be available to customers later this month.

Seamus Conlon, managing director of Cruise.co.uk, said: “Cruise.co.uk has consistently innovated in the cruise sector and we regard Luggage Mule as a great additional service to offer to our customer base.

“We agree that it is an affordable luxury that many of our customers will take up and can be easily promoted via our home workers’ social media and blogging pages, simply because it’s so innovative and unique.”

After conducting research to investigate the reasons why people had chosen to use the delivery service, Luggage Mule found that the duration of the cruise, the age of the customer and the distance between a person’s home and the departure port were the most common.

On the other hand, some respondents gave simpler reasons, such as “It’s an affordable luxury, so why not?”.

Would you use Luggage Mule’s delivery service?

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