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Low waters divert river cruises

Low waters divert river cruises

Low water has put a stop to several riverboat cruises on the Danube and Elbe rivers, according to reports. 

If water levels are too low for safe travel, cruise lines are forced to cancel, delay or modify their planned itineraries. 

And this is what has happened with the Viking Embla, passengers of whom have been told that their journey will have to come to an end. 

However, Cruise Critic reports that they will have the opportunity to travel by bus from Vienna to Regensburg in Germany, where they will be able to aboard the Viking Longship Aegir. 

During a 285-mile trip by road, they’ll be able to enjoy shore excursions to Melk in Austria and Passau in Germany before embarking on the vessel.

Viking Embla has a draft of 1.5 metres and most of Viking‘s ships in this area have similar clearance, so it is not yet known if low waters will go on to affect more ships.

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