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It Looks Like Being A Responsible Citizen Could Mean The End Of Towel Animals…

It Looks Like Being A Responsible Citizen Could Mean The End Of Towel Animals…

Norwegian Cruise Line has revealed they will no longer feature towel animals on some of its ships.

They will also reduce the number created on other vessels to contribute to the line’s mission to be “a responsible corporate citizen” by using fewer resources to clean the cloths.

NCL is yet to reply to a request for further information about which ships will be adopting the new policy and what date they will go into effect.

“We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen by fostering a culture of awareness and respect for our world’s resources,” the line said in a statement.

“Our mission is to continually improve our sustainability culture through fresh innovation, progressive education and open collaboration.

As such, from time to time, we explore opportunities to expand our efforts. In this instance, we are assessing the impact of reducing the number of towel animals we showcase aboard a few of our ships.

We understand that many of our guests enjoy them as part of the experience of cruising with us, so towel animals remain available upon request.”

We asked our expert cruise community what their thoughts were on NCL scrapping towel animals- check the conversation here!

Topdeck commented: “Just use the towels once finished looking at the creations!”

Wilba stated: “For a first time cruiser they are probably fun, but after a time I think the joke wears thin. I wouldn’t miss them at all, along with the chocolate on a pillow nonsense.”

alandrover commented: “Well I for one like a bit of nonsense now and again, I enjoy both the towel animals and the chocolates.”

This is the latest effort from a cruise line to make cruise ships more environmentally friendly, following on from banning the use of plastic straws and single-use plastics.


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What do you really think about towel animals? What did you vote in our poll? Would it affect you if every cruise line got rid of the creations or do they make no difference to you? Leave us your thoughts and comments below!

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