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A Letter To Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady From Cruise.co.uk

A Letter To Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady From Cruise.co.uk

Dear Scarlet Lady,

We’re coming up to two years since the first real details of Virgin Voyages were revealed. Since then, we’ve known to prepare for a complete departure from the ordinary.

The whole cruising world has been on tenterhooks waiting to hear exactly how you will be so different to every other cruise line. Just how unique can it get?

With the news that 93% of the cabins onboard will be oceanview and 86% balconies, we know there’ll be so many opportunities to connect with the sea. From the moment we wake up to the moment we want a private and peaceful escape!


The reveal of Scarlet Lady as adults-only was a revelation…the intended vibe for Virgin Voyages was becoming clearer. No stress, no worry: just time to relax, revitalize and maybe some opportunities for cruisers to meet other travellers like themselves?

Every little reveal until now has only proven this quote correct: “Virgin will bring true sea change to the industry”. From an onboard nightclub inspired by Sir Richard’s involvement in the music industry to the largest daybed and catamaran at sea!


What people might sail with you? The nautical elements dubbed to be found onboard give a nod to Cunard’s traditional taste in decor, but the quirky and fun activities to look forward to sit with Royal Caribbean’s role in the cruising world.

Perhaps it’ll be the more daring, live-in-the-moment type of traveller to cruise with you when this is where they will find the first ever tattoo studio onboard!


Cruisers can mark their memories onboard forever or even pop for a piercing, or permanent make-up treatment. With Branson’s decisions, the future of cruising is now.

Your destination though, makes you tempting to most travel-lovers. Cuba is a place of passion, energy and is perfect for a real adventure. Is this what Scarlet Lady will always represent?


Naming Virgin cruisers as ‘sailors’ gives the impression that the destination has been carefully considered and catered for the passengers in mind…

One more quote that has stuck out for us as we’ve followed the Virgin news trickling in is this: “No stuffy formalities, no more boring buffets and no main dining rooms”. It looks like you’re ditching the traditions and making your own rules.


City-eating will be the replacement and it looks like every onboard dining venue is set to be a real treat with theatrical takes on the norm and eccentric decor.


And with some restaurants open late but some open until the early hours of the morning, Scarlet Lady looks set to feel like a whole other world on the seas…

The music-themed suites are another tick off the list for elements cruise ships have never seen before. But, which type of travellers will opt for this? The guitars need to be appealing, along with the music icon theme but we have a feeling the ‘Peek-A-Boo’ shower will persuade the rest with the ability to see out into the ocean!


2020 will be sensational. Every announcement for you has been a whole other groundbreaking idea to explore, but we think we’ll need to see you to really know…

Yours Sincerely,



What would you ask Virgin Voyages if you could? Which part of Scarlet Lady are you most impressed with so far? Let us know what your letter would look like below!

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