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Late Couple Misses Cruise Ship By Seconds: Should The Cruise Lines Wait?

Late Couple Misses Cruise Ship By Seconds: Should The Cruise Lines Wait?

A video has gone viral showing a couple missing their Caribbean cruise ship by a matter of minutes.

Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas pulled away from Nassau, Bahamas on February 15th after waiting an extra 20 minutes for the couple who were running late.

Not long after, the couple arrived with hands in the air to signal the ship to return back to the port so they could embark.

An observer posted a video online of the moment Symphony of the Seas set sail without the late couple.

The footage begins with the gangway to the ship being hauled away by a forklift truck with the hatch doors on the side of the vessel closing.

It is unclear how quickly the couple arrived after Symphony had set sail but the ship’s proximity to the harbour indicates that it was a short amount of time, perhaps a matter of minutes.

This was the final day of a seven-night western Caribbean cruise.

The ship then arrived back to its port of departure in Miami, Florida on February 16th.

Back in 2016, a female passenger was also left at Nassau, Bahamas, when she failed to make it back to the port in time to board Norwegian Breakaway.

She was a mother to three children who were on the ship as it pulled away as they had been left in the onboard kids clubs that day.

Should cruise ships wait for passengers who haven’t yet returned to port? Should it be circumstantial? For example, if children are left onboard.

Or should cruise ships wait no longer than a short set amount of time as schedules are important?


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