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KO! Royal Caribbean get Cruisers Kickboxing

KO! Royal Caribbean get Cruisers Kickboxing

Staying fit and healthy while on holiday is always an admirable goal to have, and thanks to gyms, spas and more, it’s easier than ever to stay fit while on a cruise holiday. But do you need a way to keep fit while keeping the adrenaline flowing? Well, maybe a Kickboxing cruise is more your thing…

A partnership between CKO Kickboxing and Royal Caribbean has been struck, resulting in some high-kicking action on the high-seas!

CKO Kickboxing will host the “CKO at Sea” cruise experience, a five-night trip round Bermuda departing from Bayonne, New Jersey. The cruise takes place aboard Liberty of the Seas and includes a two-day stay in Bermuda.

The cruise sails from August 22nd to the 27th, with registration closing June 1st!

CKO Kickboxing founder Joseph Andreula expresses his excitement for the cruise; “We wanted to offer our members and our franchisees a chance to have a fascinating adventure on a great cruise line to a fantastic destination. Our members can enjoy a great time with their friends and families and meet new people who share similar interests. They can enjoy five days full of fun and fitness.

“Most people go on a typical vacation and they don’t exercise. They come back feeling heavy and bloated. With ‘CKO at Sea,’ they’ll work out in the fresh air with first-class instructors so they’ll come back home feeling fit and refreshed.”

There will also be nutrition classes on offer, as well as other sports that use the ship’s facilities, such as rock climbing, basketball, ice skating and more!

If you want to keep fit on holiday we think this just might be the best way!


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