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Just for Men – Top Ten Things to Do Onboard

Just for Men – Top Ten Things to Do Onboard

Getting a certain type of man onboard with booking a cruise holiday can be a bit of a task. Active types might worry about ‘being trapped’ on a ship during sea days and getting bored. Some may have a misconception about a cruise holiday being the same as a ‘lie around the pool holiday’, only with no escape, whereas others aren’t keen on the formal reputation of cruising and can’t think of anything worse than having to suit up for posh dinners every evening.

If you’re trying to persuade the man in your life that cruising is a good idea for your next getaway, tempt him over to the computer with the promise of the football results/a sale on sports cars/funny videos of dogs and get him to have a read of these top ten things for men to do on a cruise holiday:

1 – Tee Off

Guys, if your summer Sundays are spent enjoying a good walk on the golf course then get polishing those clubs for your cruise.

Many ships boast golf simulators and golf nets so that you can practise your swing at sea but real golf fans should look for a ship with a miniature golf course (not to be confused with crazy golf – you’ll find no windmill or giant skulls here!). Several Royal Caribbean ships boast mini golf, whereas Carnival Dream scores a hole in two with a double level course. Checked trousers and lemon v-neck sweaters are optional.


2 – Wear Shorts

Ok so we’ve all seen the pictures – mum is a ball gown and dad in a tuxedo, all trussed up for the Captain’s Dinner but the face of cruising has changed, with many cruise lines dropping the formal façade and catering to a more casual customer instead.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Freestyle cruises are good example, with a casual dress code, relaxed dining and laid back vibe. No one’s going to tell you that you can’t wear jeans to dinner and there’s not a piano bar in sight.


3 – Go Down the Pub

Worried you’ll have to give up your Saturday night pint for pre-dinner cocktails?

Not so.

Most liners have a good mix of watering holes including the traditional pub.

Head for an Irish pub on Royal Caribbean liners and enjoy the full pub experience complete with beer on tap, live music and the obligatory dark wood tables and chairs.

Ours is a pint!


4 – Devour a Burger

If sitting down for a formal five course dinner really isn’t your thing, don’t worry – the larger liners have a huge choice of places to eat, many of which don’t require seventeen different sets of cutlery.

Carnival has set up some tasty team work with American food rebel Guy Fieri to bring Guy’s Burger Joint to the seas, for fast food that doesn’t skimp on flavour.

Johnny Rockets Food

5 – Bulk Up

Active types don’t need to worry about getting cabin fever – the sports and fitness facilities on a cruise ship would put any gym or leisure centre to shame (yep, even those horribly expensive ones complete with latte bar and Jacuzzi).

Among the best for gyms are the Royal Caribbean Freedom and Oasis class liners, where you can find everything from gravity machines to virtual bikes to boxing rings. Add to the fitness mix running tracks, surf simulators, climbing walls and a full programme of classes and you can make sure that those holiday dinners and drinks really are guilt free.

Alternatively, if you’re a man who prefers watching sports to playing them, you’ll find sports bars on many liners. Carnival is onto a winner with the EA Sports Bar, complete with beers, bar snacks, big screens and EA Sports video games. Cancel the port excursions, that’s you sorted for the week!

just for men

6 – Watch a Movie

Whether you love a good thriller, an explosive action movie or maybe you’re a closet rom-com fan, you can pack the popcorn when you choose a cruise ship with its own cinema onboard. Movie buffs should consider Holland America, where each ship has a small cinema or Cunard cruise line and P&O Arcadia, Aurora and Oriana.

Or, if you like to make yourself comfy while watching the latest blockbuster, most liners have in-cabin movie channels – and, as you’re on holiday, you can stay up as late as you like!

Best cancel the early morning yoga then.

7 – Win Big

Cruise liners are well-known for their onboard casinos, giving you a great excuse for a flutter if it’s usually frowned upon at home. But which ships are the best for high rollers? Norwegian Cruise Line boasts a full house of awards for its ‘Casinos at Sea’ thanks to a Players’ Club, Learn to Play programme and wide variety of slots, table games and tournaments.

On Celebrity Cruises the casinos are ultra swanky to appeal to the James Bond wannabes, whereas Carnival hosts some exciting tournaments for sociable types.

Your Friday night poker night just got a whole lot posher!

just for men

8 – LOL

Those who hate ‘all that jazz’ can forget the big theatre shows that cruise ships are well known for. If comedy is more your thing, you’ll find plenty of laugh out loud moments to be had on your holiday.

The Punchliner Comedy Club, presented by George Lopez, is a popular attraction on Carnival ships – hope you packed your funny bone!

9 – Be a Big Kid

When work, lawn-mowing, car washing and just the general responsibilities of grown up life start to grind you down; a cruise could be just what you need. Shake off the shackles of behaving like a grown up and scale a climbing wall, learn to surf, throw yourself down waterslides or play video games until your thumbs bleed.

Remember, what goes on a cruise liner, stays on a cruise liner – we won’t tell the boss if you don’t.

10 – Hide from the Kids

If you have actual kids, not just over-sized ones, to consider when booking your holiday cruising really is a no-brainer.

The family friendly liners are so vast, with entire decks devoted to keeping your little darlings amused that you’re only likely to see them when they’re hungry. That leaves you free to spend your days at sea sampling all of the above.

That cruise is looking a lot more appealing right now, isn’t it?

Just for men

Ok so the above cruise ship attractions aren’t strictly ‘just for men’ – we’ll take a slap on the wrist for the misleading article title – but they are all things that might just sway the man in your life towards cruising. Of course, if the prospect of a mani/pedi in the on-ship spa, a peruse of the gallery or early morning yoga on the top deck are more likely to get your man excited about at sea days, you can assure them that it’s on offer. There really is something for everyone on a cruise liner – just book to discover!

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