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It’s Official! MSC Are The Ones To Watch For 2016!

It’s Official! MSC Are The Ones To Watch For 2016!

2015 was a big year for MSC and if things continue the way they are 2016 should be even bigger!

MSC made a raft of announcements last year regarding their plans for 2016 and it was for that reason that they won the One To Watch For 2016 Award in the recent www.CRUISE.co.uk’s Cruise Community Awards (you can see the full results here).


There are many reasons we think you should be keeping an eye on MSC this year but some of the biggest announcements from 2015 were…


Changes To Their Loyalty Program: MSC announced last July that they’d be rewarding all cruisers, not just regular MSC passengers, with loyalty discounts. In an industry first they released a scheme where all guests had to do was prove their loyalty membership level with another cruise line (or tour operator, hotel chain etc.) and they’d automatically bump you up to the equivalent loyalty levels with themselves!

Now if that’s not worth looking into we don’t know what is!

Full details here>>



MSC Are Heading To Cuba: With the relaxation of the US embargo on Cuba many cruise lines were quick to add this relatively unvisited destination into their itineraries. However, unlike most companies MSC decided to homeport not just one but two of their ships in Havana for 2016!

Full details here>>



They Keep Announcing New Ships: Never one to rest on their laurels they keep announcing new ships.

They released details of two new ships they’d be building last year with a further two announced recently, making four in total!

Full details here>>


They’ve teamed up with Lego: There’s a lot of cruise lines with exclusive partnerships with different companies for their kids clubs but surely nothing can top being teamed up with Lego?

Don’t believe us? Just ask your kids!

Full details here>>


They Also Teamed Up With Cirque De Soleil: If Lego doesn’t quite sound your thing then not to worry. Last year also saw the announcement of MSC’s team up with the energetic and iconic Cirque De Soleil on their new Meraviglia class of ships.

Full details here>>



They’re coming back to the UK: Any true fan of MSC will know that they’ve been missing from the UK for a year or two now but there’ll be six exclusive sailings from Southampton in 2016 on-board the beautiful MSC Splendida ( and we for one are hoping there’ll be a lot more in 2017)!


It’s easy to tell why they won now isn’t it?

Will you be sailing with MSC in 2016? If not why not?

Let us know in the comments below…


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