It’s Official: Living On A Cruise Ship Is Cheaper Than Renting In London

It’s Official: Living On A Cruise Ship Is Cheaper Than Renting In London

Now some of you may love the hustle and bustle of life in London, whether you’re a tourist or a resident of the city, but we can confirm that living on a cruise ship is now actually cheaper than living in the country’s capital!

When taking into account average rents, utility bills, food, shopping and leisure activities it appears that, for every month you live in London, you’ll be set back £2871.19- that’s £97.71 a day. To compare this with a 120 day, full-board, round-the-world cruise, this actually works out as the most cost effective choice at £88.53 a day (and this option includes a sea view!)

You might be as surprised as we were when we realized how many people- mainly the elderly- choose to live out their days at sea. Beatrice Muller is known as one of the best known cruise ship residents and lived on board the QE2 from 2000 until the ship’s retirement in 2008. She described it as a ‘stress-free, fairytale’ lifestyle that has made her one of America’s most travelled octogenarians.

Jane Archer, cruise expert, says ‘I can see the attraction. You have the crew looking after you, and with each cruise another set of potential friends come on board. It’s also a very cost-effective way to live as all your food, heating, and so on, is included in the price. Plus you get to travel.

A 13-week-round-the-world cruise works out at £4,387 per person whereas the average cost of living in London, for the same amount of time, works out as £5,037. With finances like transport (£417.30 per month) and council tax (£235 per month), to name only two examples, the cost of living in London works out as more costly than sailing your life away in luxury.

So what do you think? We certainly know which option we’d prefer! Would you ditch London life for a round-the-world cruise? Let us know below…

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