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It’s a Hotel – Not a Cruise Ship!

It’s a Hotel – Not a Cruise Ship!

With P&O’s Britannia soon to set sail, we took a look at the interiors and were surprised to find that it was designed like a hotel – not a cruise ship!

P&O claim that they have made “the oceans finest hotel,” because they have approached the ships design completely differently this time.

So how did this change in design come about?

Well, the story goes that the process began on the Azura, when P&O hired the Richmond International team to design the spa. Richmond International have previously designed seriously stylish venues, from the Four Seasons hotel in Hampshire to the Langham hotel in London. They did such a great job on the spa that P&O invited them back to Britannia to design the whole of the vessels interiors!

Oasis spa

So what have they brought to Britannia’s insides? In short – luxury – and plenty of it! Their aim was to create modern British style with a nod to P&O’s nautical past, with plenty of “wow” factors.

Terry McGillicuddy said; “A cruise ship is the largest hotel we have worked on, which is an exciting prospect in itself, but what has really stimulated the Richmond team are the new challenges this project has presented us with. The fact that we’ve had to understand, incorporate and co-ordinate all the operational, engineering and marine standards associated with cruise ship design has been a great achievement for the whole team.”

We’ve drawn inspiration from historical naval references, the heritage of P&O cruises and future innovations that are currently developing within the hospitality industry.”

Britannia Atrium

This can be seen in the atrium, where the huge starburst chandelier glitters over the three story meeting area that is perfect for people watching. The ship is full of gold reflective surfaces to bounce light and give the feeling that you are in a place of ultimate luxury.

Elsewhere the marble floors glimmer and the spa has beautiful features which include a waterfall.

The Crystal Room

The rooms are boutique style and colour palettes are calm and tranquil, with lots of modern amenities and stylish wooden panelling.

And of course, like any great hotel, there is room service, complimentary toiletries (from the White Company) and celebrities on board (including Mary Berry and James Martin!)

Do you think that other cruise ships look like hotels these days? Is the 5 star hotel feel important to you when picking a cruise? Let us know in the comments below!

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