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It’s a Big Pink Bear!

It’s a Big Pink Bear!


That’s a great big pink Polar bear.

On a cruise ship

Oh, and did we say it’s pink?

And big!

Titled From Afar the www.CRUISE.co.uk team love this piece of artwork as we reported recently here. Whilst we’re massive fans of Lawrence Argent (creator of From Afar) we can’t help but feel he missed a trick with his brief from Royal Caribbean. If they really were looking for a giant, iconic statue that could be seen ‘from afar’ then we think they should have taken some inspiration from some famous statues from around the globe.

What could say international cruise line better than some of these statues on their ship! We asked one of the guys in our graphics department to mock these images up  – Which is your favourite?


Over the last few years a lot of cruise lines have avoided going to Egypt (with all the political turmoil) so what could be better than bringing Egypt to you with this giant replica of the Sphinx on your cruise ship!





















It’s a rare cruise ship that calls in at Easter Island – It’s just so far! So why not skip all that and bring Easter Island with you wherever you choose to cruise?


QUANTUM-easter-island-v3 copy


Royal Caribbean are proudly American (just look at their gratuity policy!) so why not show that pride with a replica of Lady Liberty on the front of Quantum?


Quantum-of-the-Seas-liberty-v3 copy


OK, so Quantum’s an American ship but it’s still being launched from the UK (and it’s sister ship Anthem of the Seas will be based in Southampton next year!) so what better way to commemorate that than having Nelsons Column on-board!




We all know Royal Caribbean like their glitz and glamour on board but at it’s heart cruising is still a very stylish and classy past time.

What better way to show that off than with Michelangelo’s David on-board?


QUANTUM-michelangelos-david-v2 copy


Christ the Redeemer.

It may cause a bit of controversy depending on where Royal Caribbean choose to send Quantum but you can’t deny the ship would certainly stand out if this statue replaced From Afar.


QUANTUM-christ-the-redeember-v2 copy


Once it leaves Southampton Quantum will be off to the Far East as part of Royal Caribbean’s strategy to promote cruising to different markets. Would a giant Buddha have made more sense?


QUANTUM-buddha-v2 copy


We were going to finish the article there but the boss is a from ‘up’t North’ and got rather upset when we didn’t include the Angel of the North so……. For all our Northern readers here it is – Just for you!





So what’s your thoughts on giant pink polar bears on cruise ships?

Are you a fan?

Would you have preferred one of the above or should Royal just have left it off completely.


You can learn more about Royal Caribbean here

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