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Is This The Strangest Restaurant You’ll Ever Find At Sea?

Is This The Strangest Restaurant You’ll Ever Find At Sea?

We don’t know about you but we love trying something new on holiday.

It’s so much fun trying out brand new ships, new restaurants and new thrill-seeking entertainment.

But have you ever thought about trying exploding olives at one of the newest restaurants on the seas? You could if you visited the two storey Wonderland restaurant on Harmony of the Seas!

Guests are treated to 15 courses of extravagant food in a restaurant that’s out of this world and have been taken from something found in a Lewis Carroll book… just take a look!


The aim of the restaurant is to take guests down the rabbit hole into a world without culinary limits. It claims to give guests a variety of flavours, textures, temperatures and portion sizes they won’t have experienced before.

The menu is also based on the elements and tries to give diners a taste of fire, wind, earth and water.

With claims like this, the Cruise.co.uk team just had to give the restaurant a go when we were on Ovation of the Seas!

Our verdict? It was certainly a meal to remember!

We enjoyed 15 courses of weird and wonderful (but tasty) morsels. Some of our highlights included the exploding olive which literally exploded as soon as it touched our tongues! (Royal Caribbean actually warn you to keep your mouth shut once you have started to eat it!)

wonder land food

We loved how the waiters were showmen who talked you through the menu with dramatic flair. Every course was announced and explained before we received it, adding to the drama and atmosphere in the restaurant!

Examples of our courses included a cone of crab and wasabi, liquid lobster garnished with caviar and lamb which fell off the bone. But it was the presentation of the courses that first caught our eye when the salmon and mushroom course turned up in a plastic bag (which has to be seen to be understood!) and a garden plate of chicken pate with vegetables (which literally looked like a garden.)

Even the drinks were exciting as we received cups the size of chalices to drink our wine and water in.

Wonderland on Harmony of the Seas also features a bar (which is brand new for a Wonderland restaurant) and we can’t wait to see what weird creations they concoct. A Pina-colada that turns into solid pineapple as you drink it? A Mai Thai that has cherries appearing in your cup half way down?


We are certainly looking forward to trying the new Wonderland on Harmony after our experience on Ovation!

Would you like to try Wonderland? Have you eaten there before?

Let us know in the comments below…

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