Is This The Most Over The Top Luxury Cruise Suite Ever?

Have you ever heard of Norwegian Cruise Lines garden villa suites?

Don’t worry if you haven’t, you’re in good company as they’re one of cruising’s best kept secrets!

NCL garden villa


Exclusive to NCL’s Dawn and Jewel class ships these suites really do redefine luxury cruising.

Norwegian suite


Each ship only comes equipped with two of these high end suites so you need to plan in advance if you fancy one.

As you can see from the deck plan they come equipped with a master bedroom (with its own private bathroom) two more separate bedrooms, a lounge area, another bathroom and best of all… Your own private garden and hot tub! (Hence the name garden suite).

Deck plan


It doesn’t end there though! With up to 5,570 square feet of floor plan to work with you get a lot, lot more still…

Garden villa lounge area


A private terrace and sundeck with hot tub, sun loungers and outdoor dining area.

Exclusive access to a private pool in NCL’s courtyard area for suite guests.

A baby grand piano in your living area.

A separate dining room.

Private espresso/cappuccino machine.

NCL garden villa hot tub


And that’s just the suite itself! Norwegian cruise line now how to look after their guests so as you can imagine there’s a lot of perks to booking one of these suites…

NCL pearl hot tub


Priority embarkation and disembarkation.

You’ll get your own private butler and concierge service.

Invitations to VIP breakfast, luncheons and cocktail parties.

NCL pearl hot tub


Sounds great doesn’t it! Now you may be panicking at this point and saying to yourself that you could never afford one of these suites but they’re not as expensive as you might think!

We had a look at a seven night sailing on the Jade next year and for two people it would cost you just over £6,000 per person to book it (well there’s room to host a party with over a hundred guests after all) but if you booked the suite with some friends (eight people in total) it would only run to about £1,700 per person. Compare that to the cheapest balcony cabin on the same cruise for about £1,000 a person and it’s a viable alternative if you’re traveling with friends (although we’re not getting involved in the ‘who gets the master bedroom’ argument)!



The décor of the suite may be a little, shall we say, ‘brighter’ than you’re used to but pictures don’t really do it justice and surprisingly once you’re settled in they actually work really well.

NCL dining room


What do you think? Do you fancy being spoiled rotten in one of NCL’s Luxury Cruise suite?

Have you a group of friends you always cruise with that would give it a go?

Could you put up with the colour schemes?

Let us know in the comments below…


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