Is This An End To allergies At Sea?

Is This An End To allergies At Sea?

If you thought cruising couldn’t get any more relaxing, think again. Pure Marine Solutions and Crystal Cruises have teamed up with the intention to help passengers with allergies sleep better and breathe easier at sea.


Crystal is once again setting the bench mark high for competitors but this time they’re focusing directly on the health and wellness of their guests. After a $20 million dry dock redesign the cruise line has unveiled their new PURE stateroom accommodation with forty eight allergy friendly rooms on board their ship ‘Crystal Symphony’ with her sister ship ‘Crystal Serenity’ to have seventy installed!


Edie Rodriguez, President and COO of Crystal Cruises said; “We continue to invest in creating a contemporary and sumptuous environment that meets the traveller’s desire, PURE Staterooms provide travellers with the finest health-conscious accommodations in the luxurious setting they’ve come to expect on Crystal Cruises’ ships.”

 The result of a seven step cleaning regime means that the PURE staterooms will successfully be able to eliminate and protect against harmful particles that would affect passengers with asthma and other dangerous allergies. They can guarantee you the rooms will be 98-100% free of viruses!

Creating this allergen free room will make the accommodation more comfortable for sufferers and will intensify the relaxing and rejuvenating experience for all.

President of PURE Marine Solutions Antony Papageorgiou explained that the allergy free accommodations are especially important when it comes to travelling internationally, as it’s possible that vacationers could encounter unfamiliar plant species wildlife or poor air quality in certain port cities.  He says; “No matter how contaminated the air might be in a particular port-of-call, the PURE Stateroom always delivers an indoor environment with optimal living conditions, we found a fantastic partner in Crystal Cruises, which continues to seek out the latest and best amenities for their discerning guests.”

 Crystal sails to all seven continents, providing worldwide vacations of five to 100+ days that bridge the best of land and sea. Long recognised as leader in ultra-lux ocean travel- Crystal Cruises have earned more ‘world’s best’ awards than any other cruise line resort or hotel in history!


Both Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity have witnessed an overwhelming amount of positive feedback about the new PURE rooms as the demand for them continues to rise. Would you be confident in booking a room? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below!

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