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Is MSC Meraviglia The New Oasis Class Of The Seas?

Is MSC Meraviglia The New Oasis Class Of The Seas?

The team here at www.CRUISE.co.uk can exclusively give you an inside glimpse inside MSC’s newest ship, the Meraviglia!

Set to launch in June 2017, the Meraviglia will be home to a whopping 5,700 guests and will be the largest ship built by a European cruise line.

One of the most impressive features we’ve noticed is the incredible LED roof of the promenade area which you can see in the video below.

The LED screen is 80 metres long and creates a world of stars and beautiful imagery above the passengers walking into restaurants and shops below.

It left us wondering… will the MSC Meraviglia become the new Oasis class of the seas? Will the MSC Seaside class of ships lead the way in big ship cruising? Will this new kind of “virtual” promenade sky be copied across different cruise lines in years to come?

Have a look at the video here and see what you think!


The video also shows the brand new pools surrounded by large sunbed areas and interesting sculptures.

The ship will also feature lots of technological firsts for MSC such as wristband technology which will allow guests to pay for things without their key cards and even allow parents to geo-locate their children. The Meraviglia will also be a greener ship and use scrubber technology to lessen carbon dioxide emissions.

On-board guests will find 12 restaurants, a 180 degree carousel lounge, a water park, a 25 metre long outdoor pool and a 10 metre indoor pool.

You can read more about the new MSC Meraviglia here!

What do you think of MSC’s newest ship? Would you like to sail on her? Have you sailed with MSC before? Let us know in the comments below…

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