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Cruising Times Are Changing: Are World Cruises Pushing Mini Cruises Aside?

Cruising Times Are Changing: Are World Cruises Pushing Mini Cruises Aside?

In recent news, world cruises have become more and more of a popular thing with cruise lines like Princess launching a 111-day voyage.

The line have named it a voyage of a lifetime with unforgettable stops in South Africa, Asia, Australia, South America and beyond, whereas MSC announced their very first world cruise late 2016; another sailing to take guests to almost 50 unique destinations with complimentary shore excursions in the likes of Hawaii and San Francisco.

So with world cruises on the up, are mini cruises getting pushed aside? Are the three-night adventures over to popular tourist destinations like Bruges, Amsterdam and Hamburg becoming somewhat of an anti-climax now when envisioning a cruise?

In a cruising world where technology is at the forefront of onboard features, ten storey slides are the latest way to get to the buffet and where cruisers get the chance to personalize and vote on their own holidays before sailing, just how long is the right amount of time to cruise for? Have your say in our poll…



Which did you pick? Are two-night city breaks perfect for you, or do you need at least a week to get your money’s worth of the buffet? Do you prefer to really get settled for a fortnight or are you desperate to see the world via cruise ship? What is the best cruise you’ve ever been on? Leave us your thoughts and comments below!

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