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Invest Five Days To Rome Around Italy

Invest Five Days To Rome Around Italy

When we think of Italy we might immediately think of pizza (correct me if I’m wrong), the leaning tower of Pisa and that classic tourist picture, or perhaps the famous gondolas. But did you know Italy has more UNESCO Heritage Sites than any other country in the world? This means each of its cities are dripping in history, art and natural beauty beyond where the tourist’s typically roam.

So, if you fancy discovering all of this within just five days, www.CRUISE.co.uk can confirm this is all possible as something to add to your cruise, 4 star hotels, fully escorted excursions and all!

You’ll discover Naples, Pompeii, Capri and Rome, to either start your adventure as you mean to go on or to top off your cruise in the dreamiest way imaginable: it’s your call.

Feel like a tourist and an adventurer who discovers the less obvious at the same time and explore the ancient ruins and relaxed charm behind the cities of romance, history and beauty…


Day 1: Have A Slice Of Naples…

There’s nothing like knowing you can cure your holiday blues in an instant, so why not use your first night in Naples discovering what it’s best known for by tasting the best pizza in the country. This way you can cook something wonderfully similar when you arrive home and are missing Italy’s pizza capital.

italy pizza

And a holiday must come with comfort, right? So how does a 4 star hotel sound to you? As soon as you arrive in Naples you’ll be whisked off by your representative and taken to the Salerno Novotel where you can delve into the hot tub, spa or pool for the evening. This way you’ll be refreshed and relaxed before being escorted on your first real excursion or why not roman around by yourself to get a private taste of the colourful city…

 italy naples

Day 2: Welcome to Italy’s most unlikely masterpiece…

Wake up in Italy’s third largest city to take a step back in time and explore the home to Pompeii’s ancient ruins. The guided visit will take you down old Roman streets to discover its temples, shops, cafes and ampitheatres along the way. A UNESCO-listed site that’s so well-preserved you’ll never have seen anything like it!

italy pompeii

Did You Know: After Mount Vesuvius erupted, covering Pompeii, it remained untouched for 2,000 years before a group of explorers discovered it! The ash that covered the city acted as a brilliant preservative so the city was revealed exactly as it was 2,000 years before…

Finish the day with a walking tour of Sorrento! Its coastal charm will leave you enchanted as the cliffs overlook Mt Vesevius and Naples, and the pastel-coloured houses add an inviting touch. The small city of cool churches and elegant gardens, all running above the sea, is a place of romance and revitalization (and also one of Europe’s most popular wedding venues!)

italy sorrento


five days in italyOur specialist cruise consultant, Seda Jane, visited the city herself: ‘Sorrento is full of world charm and has been a popular tourist destination for over 200 years! Its main square is a wonderful place to sit and drink coffee whilst taking part in the great Italian pastime of people watching.’ You can read more about her trips on her blog here.


Day 3: The Caves Of Capri…

A place of hedonistic charm is your next stop and is only a ferry ride away! The island of Capri is the tourist attraction itself with its rocky sheashores and blue sea views. But despite its marked trails for keen tourists it still carries an un-spoilt charm of pleasure being the only purpose, from the breathtaking views that follow you to any point, scented gardens and the winding alleys and paths to wander down.

italy capri

You’ll have the full day to appreciate Capri that’s four miles long and is perfect for day trippers, plus you’ll have a guided tour round the island so you don’t miss out on any hidden gems! And who doesn’t love a unique way to explore? Take a boat ride around the island so you can glide into its different caves and grottoes, each with its own tale…

italy capri caves

Did You Know: One of the caves you can enter is called the Blue Grotto, which extends 50 metres into the cliffs, and was rediscovered in the 19th century when a Polish poet wrote a book about it!


Day 4: They Say Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day…

Shift slightly north to explore the place known as the Eternal City (hey, if the Romans named Rome as somewhere that would go on forever, it must be true!) Have a taste of the luxury and pleasure of living in Rome for the next two days and begin with a visit to Montecassino Abbey; the historic monastery of Benedict that sits atop a hill.

italy montecassino abbey

You’ll be able to walk away and say you’ve visited the abbey made famous during World War 2 where it was destroyed and re-built after its collapse (it’s been destroyed four times!) The evening is yours to explore as you transfer to your second 4-star hotel in Rome for two nights.

Why not make a lucky wish while you’re in the hopeful city? Take part in a traditional legend and head to the Trevi fountain where the Romans swear by throwing a euro into it over their shoulder (this is supposed to mean a guaranteed return to the city, and who doesn’t want that?)

italy trevi fountain

Did You Know: 3,000 Euros are swept up from the bottom of the Trevi fountain every night and all of it is donated to a Catholic charity who help families from Rome in need!


Day 5: Trail The Treasures…

There’s so much more to Rome than the tourist photographs reveal so peel back its layers and discover all the fascinating elements to the city’s 2000-year old history. Your final day of your five-day extended Italian adventure includes a guided tour of the ancient and Baroque sights of the capital!

italy rome baroque

Delve into the Baroque treasures that project the city’s image of itself to the world: you’ll find they come in the form of early Christian churches, grand Renaissance buildings and statues, and marble ruins of ancient times. Come home with a knack for spotting Baroque style, straight from Italy…

italy baroque

Your last afternoon is free to enjoy the rest of Rome so wander round the streets until you stumble across a little gem where you can make your own memories or embrace the chance to be a tourist and seek out its spots that have become the world’s favourites: anything from the street art that lights up the neighbourhoods, to the palaces that are dedicated to the Renaissance, to the markets and stalls that’ll give you a taste (quite literally) of all the local cuisine!

italy rome

It’s your call; the next day could be only the beginning of your adventure as you step on-board your cruise, or it could be the cultural, refreshing end to the luxurious cruising holiday of your year. Roam around Rome, never say no to Naples and call at Capri, all so you can get lost in the tangled lanes of the cities and discover its must-see gems.


Interested in taking this Italian adventure? Find out more here! 


What are your thoughts on an Italy five-day add-on? Is this the top of your list for everything from the pizza to the ancient ruins? Do you think this would be a perfect start to a holiday or an idyllic end to your adventure? Leave us your comments!





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