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Introduction To Amadeus River Cruises: Perfectly At Home In The Heart Of Europe

Introduction To Amadeus River Cruises: Perfectly At Home In The Heart Of Europe

‘As our guests, you are free to do as much or as little as you like, while you remain perfectly at home in the heart of Europe.’

Welcome to the award-winning Amadeus river cruise line, with eleven ships and a collection of European river cruises to blow your mind.

This is a line that strives to choose the most beautiful European waterways for the ultimate cultural experience and to introduce guests to a new way of discovering Europe.

The ships are designed for maximum sightseeing with an unrivalled, onboard experience; tempting amenities, little luxuries and passionate hospitality. Discover here what an Amadeus river cruise really offers you…


Meet the Fleet

MS Amadeus Symphony– 2003; MS Amadeus Royal– 2005; MS Amadeus Princess– 2006; MS Amadeus Diamond– 2009; MS Amadeus Elegant– 2010; MS Amadeus Brilliant- 2011; MS Amadeus Silver– 2013; MS Amadeus Silver II– 2015; MS Amadeus Silver III– 2016; Amadeus Provence- Spring 2017



Is There a Typical ‘Amadeus’ Passenger?

Amadeus suits any traveller who wishes to really get to the heart of the destination in the most comfortable way to travel, free from transfers and hassle and instead full of personal choices and a sense of freedom.

This can suit youngsters who want to travel Europe without the hassle of backpacking their way from hostel to hostel, whilst it will still suit the older generation who want to indulge in city breaks that are oozing with free local wine, candlelit dinners and little touches that brighten the onboard atmosphere.


Not many lines favour the solo traveller either, but Amadeus does. The river line understands the luxury of being able to decide what you do for yourself day in, day out, so with the single explorers in mind Amadeus offers significant savings, more single space on every departure and a warm, hospitable atmosphere to make you feel at ease.


On-board Entertainment

This isn’t just any old ocean cruise that you’re all probably used to; it is a 5-star river cruise where the onboard entertainment is slightly more selective as after all, this is a line that is destination-orientated. Guests can choose from a variety of musical entertainment, informational talks and cooking demonstrations.

The Panorama Bar becomes a stage for culturally enriching entertainment, depending on whereabouts the ship is at the time. The bar converts into a dancefloor with musical artists and performers invited onboard just to enlighten your mood everyday.


Another big focus for Amadeus is educating its guests with the countries and people of the regions the ship is passing through, so there’ll be informational talks on offer everyday with all sorts of background knowledge to take away with you.

Whether it be about the surrounding Danube scenery or the history of the Rhine-Main canal, you’ll feel acquainted with your destination and will really get the most out of every moment!


Keeping to the theme of each region, there’ll be cooking demos for those wanting to cook the local specialities and countries concerned, for example, typical Austrian Apfelstrudel, Tarte Flambée from Alsace or the famous French chocolate cake. Take it or leave it!


Dining Experience

Amadeus are proud to offer their guests a team of ambitious chefs, there to please and impress your tastebuds! Your meals will be made with the freshest ingredients and the carefully selected menus will offer international specialities and particular Austrian delicacies.

The classical haute cuisine, regional dishes and vegetarian options will characterise your trip from start to finish and this hospitality is something you can always rely on!


And with great food, comes great wine. You’ll be pleased to know that Amadeus offers quality wines from Europe’s best wine regions for your lunch and dinners onboard and if you like the feel of luxury, you’ll be glad to know it’s free tea and coffee at all times and the well needed welcome cocktail at the beginning of your cruise.

The Panorama bar will carry a sweet selection of cakes and pastries whilst soft drinks and beer are also available by request during your mid-day and evening meals.



Family Friendly Facilities

Amadeus champion endless possibilities and love reminding guests that you design your own dream trip, from a selection of fantastic river cruises to various options of 8, 10 or 15-day cruises. Shore excursions packages are on offer for each unique destination so you can choose something perfectly suited to you and your partners.


Although this line enjoys its variety for guests, there is a focus on discovering different culture in the form of excursions, dining, and entertainment that matches the destination. Onboard features don’t live up to the expectations of ships with designated children’s areas, kids clubs and waterslides, so if you’re a family with young ones, make sure you decide beforehand what you really want from your cruise and find a line to match it!

Solo travellers, couples, and friends are all well suited to Amadeus if it’s enriching food, tasteful entertainment and getting to the heart of a destination that you’re after!


Staff and Gratuities

Amadeus is proud to be a family-owned company, having built their success on solid relationships (85% of the staff have been with the line for over 15 years!) So expected a tight knit team with solid and reliable knowledge on every corner of the ship and every Amadeus-related query imaginable.


Regarding gratuities, the river line leave it to the guests’ discretion and is seen as a reward for good service. As a recommendation, for those wanting a guideline, Amadeus suggest $10.00 per guest, per day.

But it is also an offer to pre-pay gratuities before embarking on your cruise, if guests find this an easier  option!


Cruising FAQ’s

Every question Amadeus guests have before and after sailing can be found right here…

Amadeus Audio System- Every excursion will include a Quietvox’s easy to use and wireless audio system! You’ll be able to enjoy interesting commentaries on everything around you with the very best acoustic quality.

Bicycles Onboard- On every Amadeus cruise will be bicycles and helmets available, free of charge, so you can explore the destination in your own way and at your own pace!


Dress code- While the river line don’t have a specific dress code onboard, it is recommended that passengers dress smartly for dinner and for special occasions (semi-formal or smart casual). It is suggested that for excursions, guests wear light clothing and comfortable shoes.

Adapter- Amadeus suggest using a 2-pin adapter in cabins.

Internet- The line stress that on certain areas of the trip, signal might be slightly weaker but guests are welcome to use the Email/Internet stations available on all the vessels. On most of the ships, wireless connection /WLAN is also available.

Shore Excursions- Guests can book all excursions in advance as a package (at a reduced rate) or choose particular ones, as it were, “à la carte”. You may also book individual excursions when onboard. Although passengers should note the line’s general advice concerning excursions: minimum participation for excursion by bus is 20 people and minimum participation for excursion by foot is 12 people.


The excursions offered are classified according to five difficulty levels intended to assist you to assess the approximate amount of walking involved. The difficulty levels vary from walks that are mostly flat to longer walks that involve uneven surfaces in places and ascending or descending several sets of steps or staircases.

Smoking- For safety reasons, smoking is not permitted in any indoor area of the Amadeus ships, although it is permitted on the sundeck of the ship.

Stateroom Amenities- All cabins are equipped with shower/WC, infotainment-system with flat screen TV, telephone, safe, spacious wardrobe and hairdryer. Each cabin has its own adjustable air-conditioning system and a bathroom providing shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, and body lotion. All suites are additionally equipped with a minibar and a comfortable seating area whilst some feature bathtubs


That is your guide to Amadeus river cruises! What are your first impressions? Is this a fleet you’d like to delve into for your next city breaks? Which river lines have you sailed with? Leave us your thoughts and comments!


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