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Internet Reacts With Scorn To News Of A Titanic Theme Park

Internet Reacts With Scorn To News Of A Titanic Theme Park

It’s just been announced that a theme park, set to open in 2018, will be based upon the tragic film Titanic.

The park is being created by Twentieth Century Fox (the film company behind the movie) and will feature the company’s other smash hit films and TV shows such as Alien, Sons of Anarchy and Planet of the Apes.

The theme park will be built in Dubai and is allegedly set to cost over $850,000,000 to construct.

Jeffrey Godsick, president of Fox Consumer Products, said: “This will build a tremendous amount of fan engagement with these brands. There are strong merchandising opportunities and it will allow us to connect with our audiences on an ongoing basis.”

And how exactly will the park incorporate Titanic into the experience?  Jeffrey explains: “We are working on creating an immersive experience that includes motion theatre simulators and will allow you to experience what it was like to be on the Titanic in an exciting way.”

A lot of cruises sail to Dubai but would you want to take an excursion to this park?

The news has been met with a lot of criticism from those who have taken offence at the theme park cashing in on such a tragedy.

The internet also reacted with a lot of sarcasm to the theme parks announcement…






What do you think of the idea of building a Titanic Theme Park?
Would you ever consider a visit or do you consider the move disrespectful to those who lost their lives?

Let us know in the comments below.

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