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Inflation Falls but Cruise Gratuities Rise!

Inflation Falls but Cruise Gratuities Rise!

Do you frequently travel with Norwegian Cruise Line? If so, listen up because from next month all passengers onboard Norwegian’s vessels will have to pay more for the daily service charge!

From March 1st 2015 the cruise line will raise its daily gratuity by 95 cents, from $12 (£7.80) to $12.95. This charge will be applicable to guests in all cabin categories up to and including a mini suite but for passengers staying in suites, a charge of $14.95 per person, per day for daily gratuities will be applied. The reason for this higher cost is because suite guests receive extra services, such as a butler and concierge.

Norwegian last raised its gratuities back in 2009. As well as being used to pay butlers and concierges, the charge is shared between room stewards, restaurant waiters and waitresses, and behind-the-scenes support staff.

The new charges will come into effect on all Norwegian sailings that depart on or after March 1st. For those who have already booked a trip that sets sail after this date or are planning to go on a cruise from now until the end of the month, the current rate service charge can be pre-paid although if you don’t pre-pay the new rate will be charged on-board.

Similar to other cruise lines, gratuities onboard Norwegian’s ships are automatically added to the cruise bill. However, passengers can choose to adjust the amount to a cost of their wish.

What are your thoughts on the gratuities increase?

You can compare the cost of Norwegian Cruise Lines new rate of gratuities compared to other cruise lines in our handy comparison guide here

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