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If Cruise Lines Were Animals…

If Cruise Lines Were Animals…

All Cruise Lines have their own personalities. Anyone that’s ever taken a cruise will be able to tell you that! Each and everyone of them will have their own, unique points. If your favourite cruise line were an animal though what would do you think it would be and why….

Royal Caribbean:

A Hamster. Can you imagine being in that little hamster brain, sat in a cage filled with so many bells, whistles and amusements you don’t even know where to start? Stuff your cheeks, run on your wheel, stare in the mirror, explore some tubes – this is exactly how we feel when on a fun-packed Royal Caribbean ship. It’s also what we do when we get aboard – in order!

Here's a hamster enjoying the views from his very own North Star!

Here’s a hamster enjoying the views from his very own North Star!

Celebrity Cruises:

No kids to worry about taking away, only adults and mature situations. The only animal that can possibly complement the situation is a cat. Cats are great as long as you ensure they have a bed and food they take care of the rest themselves! Exactly what’s needed after a few years of taking care of the young…

The only downside is that cats hate when you leave them for a cruise...

The only downside is that cats hate when you leave them for a cruise…

Princess Cruises:

When we think Princess, we think royalty, sophistication, culture and corgis. We all know the Queen owns several of the adorable little blighters so they must be the most royal animal possible, right? We’re going to go with yes.


P&O Cruises:

Proudly British, P&O Cruises love these isles enough to paint a giant Union Jack livery on their ships and even name their latest vessel the Britannia. Such courage, such bravery can only be channelled through an animal of equal ferocity: A Lion. Large, proud, unflinching and unwavering British.



How do we feel when walking aboard a Cunard ship? We feel underdressed, usually. We know of only one animal that’s dressed for the occasion…


Norwegian Cruise Line:

Whenever we picture ourselves aboard the Getaway, Breakaway or any of the Norwegian Cruise Line ships we just can’t control ourselves. All of the fun we’ll have, all of the food we’ll eat – and then we can climb up onto the walkway!

Freestyle cruising at it’s best!

What animal represents that? What animal can go where it wants, do want it wants, when it wants?

Why a gorilla of course!


Fred. Olsen:

Fred Olsen always loved  British history, naming it’s ships Braemar, Boudicca, Balmoral… This strong connection always reminds us of the highlands and indeed the Highland Stag – powerful and graceful, just don’t get on their bad side…


Holland America:

You might not expect it from the name but Holland America provide some of the best Alaskan cruises money can buy – whale watching is always a particular treat! Which is why Holland Americareminds us of Orcas. Always cruising about in an Alaskan bay somewhere…


MSC Cruises:

Walking aboard an MSC Cruises ship is something that requires sunglasses for a lot of people. Bright lights, modern style, gold, silver and marble everywhere… If you’re not prepared it will take you by surprise. This unashamed and proud glamour reminds us of the Peacock; you strut those sexy feathers MSC, you strut them.



Azamara are exotic, visiting destinations the world over that are tucked away so neatly that many of the larger cruise lines overlook them (may have something to do with the ships being too big for the ports). Strong itineraries and exotic destinations are the reason we feel Azamara remind us of a Tiger – also, both are definitely “azamazing.”



Did you know that Oceania spend nearly twice as much on raw ingredients as any other cruise line? Yes that’s right, Oceania are gastronomers through and through – much like man’s best friend here, hunting some truffles. A keen nose is necessary to find the rare and succulent treats just below the ground and we guarantee that same keen nose would walk into an Oceania restaurant and smell so many fine aromas that he wouldn’t know where to start digging.

truffle dog


Seabourn travel the world over to share amazing experiences with its passengers, which reminds us of the animal with the longest annual migration of any mammal – the Gray Whale.

Majestic, proud and a seasoned traveller, the noble Gray Whale seems like a natural fit for Seabourn.

gray whale

Marella Cruises:

Ah the British Bulldog. Does he need any introduction? When he’s not trying to sell us car insurance on the telly he’s a proud (and sometimes adorable) symbol of our fair isles. Much like Marella Cruises, he’s proud to be British.


Regent Seven Seas:

How close can you get to owning a Lion without doing anything illegal? This close. The Maine Coon Cat is a perfect fit for Ultra-Luxury line Regent Seven Seas! Sure, cats don’t like water but they are experts when it comes to relaxing and finding the most luxurious ways to live life!

Maine Coon Cat


Another Ultra Luxury line, Silversea gracefully cruise the seas with a sense of majesty and importance, which reminds us of the Pharaoh Hound. Proud, elegant, graceful, even revered by Ancient Egyptians. The Pharaoh Hound is a natural fit for a line like Silversea.

pharaoh hound


Carnival proudly hail from the land of the free, home of the brave and the Bald Eagle has been the face of freedom for as long as we can remember.

bald eagle

Cruise & Maritime Voyages:

Cruise & Maritime Voyages are mature and sensible whilst also offering some pretty elegant and luxurious cruises. We can’t help but be reminded of a Swan,which is of course mature, sensible and enjoys some pretty relaxing cruises of its own.

Trumpeter Swan with Wings Spread


When we think Crystal Cruises we think about living the high life, going to upper-echelon parties and what animals we might see in this penthouse soirée. Well, if there’s going to be any animal here there’s going to be an award-winning Poodle with a diamond studded collar sitting upon its own leather chair… Somewhere.



Disney Cruises manage to recapture our childhood wonder and glee at every single turn – and coincidentally, a basket full of puppies is the Oxford definition of “childhood wonder and glee.”


Star Clippers:

The masts! The sails! The spray of the sea and the wind in your hair – there’s nothing quite like a Star Clippers cruise and we instantly think of the romanticised swashbucklers of yesteryear, Pirates! You know, the ones with peg-legs and funny nicknames. On that note, a parrot!

Star Clippers is definitely a parrot.



Hurtigruten specialise in sailing where it’s a bit chilly – Norway, the Arctic, Antarctica… Personally, we just  go for the Huskies. Beautiful, friendly, built for the cold, the Husky is Hurtigruten in animal form, no doubt.


P&O Australia:

We love Koalas. Not only are they adorable but they relax in trees and eat leaves pretty much all day everyday – it’s a lifestyle we’ve aspired to since Swiss Family Robinson. Oh yeah, P&O Australia remind us of Koalas because… We really wanted a picture of a cute Koala.


Well, there’s our list of Cruise Lines and their animals? Disagree with the list? Can you think of an animal more suited to the line? Do some research on cruise line personalities and let us know your findings in the comments below!

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