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Avoid The Stress: Skip The Queue At World Attractions

Avoid The Stress: Skip The Queue At World Attractions

When you’re visiting a new location the majority of you will want to see those world renowned landmarks in the flesh, and see what all the fuss is about. There’s only one problem though – there’s always such long lines to get in! When you don’t have long in port you don’t really want to spend all your time queuing…

Don’t worry though! Here at Cruise.co.uk we have searched every nook and cranny to discover how you can skip the queue at those all-important landmarks, and make the most of your land time! You can thank us later when you see the size of those queues!

Palace of Versailles, France

The former royal court is a must see for anyone visiting France, originally built as a hunting lodge for Louis XIII, the king loved the chateaux so much that he actually uprooted his entire court from Paris and moved it there. The elaborately built chateau is now considered to be one of the greatest achievements of French art in the 18th Century, and with its lavishly landscaped gardens (which took 40 years to complete), decorated with fountains and carefully manicured lawns, it’s no surprise!

Skip the Queue: Book a group tour online, not only do you get to skip the queue, you also get exclusive access to the King’s apartment, the opera and the royal chapel!

palace of Versailles in france

Forbidden City, Beijing

Known as the world’s largest palace complex, the forbidden city spans a whopping 180 acres, filled with the most incredible Chinese architecture. The city used to house emperors and their families from 1420 until 1912, and is primarily decorated in shades of yellow, due to it being the Chinese colour for the emperor. The complex is now uninhabited and is listed by UNESCO as having the most preserved wooden structures in the entire world! You have to see it to believe it.

Skip the Queue: Take the ultimate discover tour, it takes about 5 hours and you get see 18 palaces along the way! By pre-booking your tour, you not only get to ensure your entry to the palaces, but also get to skip ahead of any lines.

Forbidden city in Bejing

Did you know? The library roof in the complex is painted black, because the colour is associated with water. Meaning that the books would be safe if there was a fire!

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Originally built as a temporary structure for the 1889 world fair, it’s hard to believe that it was only supposed to last 20 years before being demolished. Talk about defying the odds huh? The tower welcomes over 7 million visitors a year, so as you can imagine the queues can get quite long!

Skip the Queue: Get priority to the front of the queue and take a tour with a knowledgeable host! If you’re staying in Paris for longer than a day, then we suggest grabbing a Paris Pass. It’s a bit pricier but definitely worth it, it gives you the ability to skip the queue at the Louvre, Musee D’Orsay and over 60 + more attractions! What’s more, you get a hop on/off bus tour, guidebook and public transport travel card included, so it works out well worth it!

Eiffel tower in Paris

Did you know? During cold weather the tower actually shrinks by 6 inches!

Empire State Building, New York

The Empire State Building is one of the most iconic landmarks in New York, and one of the first buildings ever to be built with over 100 stories. People have been gathering to go up to the observation deck for years to take in the incredible views of the world’s most famous skyline. It’s a trip you’ll never forget, but the only problem is that the former tallest building in the world has quite possibly the longest queues EVER, especially at sunset…

Skip the Queue: Grab yourself a VIP Express Pass and skip all the lines all the way up to the 86th floor, and for an extra fee you can go all the way to the top! If you’re planning on exploring all the New York landmarks however, the NY city pass could be a better option. Included in the pass price is admission to all 6 of the top attractions including: The Met, The Museum of Natural History, The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and loads more… You’ll even get exclusive access to The Empire State at night!

Empire state building in new york

Museo Picasso, Barcelona

Understand the man behind the art and head over to the Picasso Museum if you’re planning a trip to Barcelona. The gallery boasts 4251 of his works and demonstrates how he developed throughout the years. Museo Picasso will make you look at Barcelona in a completely different light, as you discover his love affair with the city, and how it sculpted him into one of the most famous artists in the world.

Skip the Queue: If you buy tickets online you get to go to a separate queue to those who are paying at the door, meaning you get immediate entry! For all you culture vultures who are planning on touring Barcelona’s art museums get your hands on the Articket. You get entry to 6 of the best art museums, all with the ability to skip the lines! You also get given a little pass book, so you can stamp off all the places as you go. Pretty cool don’t you think?

picasso museum in barcelona

Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal could be considered to be one of the most devastatingly beautiful buildings ever created. Built as a final declaration of love to his deceased wife by the Mughal emperor, the mausoleum is now considered to be one of the most romantic places in the world. Walk through the gardens, admire the reflecting pools and immerse yourself into India’s most famous love story.

Skip the Queue: Buy a skip the line ticket, avoid the queues and get a tour from a knowledgeable guide that will tell you the full heart-breaking story. For those wanting to save the pennies, sunrise is the least busy times and when the Taj Mahal is at its most beautiful, so it’s perfect for a romantic stroll.

Taj mahal in india

Vatican City, Italy

Covering just 100 acres, it may surprise some to learn that the Vatican City is actually a state, the smallest in the world in fact! Located in Rome the city is home to 11 museums, St Peter’s Basilica and home to the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Vatican City oozes art and gorgeous architecture, it’s no wonder those queues are so long to get in!

Skip the Queue: We suggest buying an online ticket two months in advance. You’ll be given an assigned entry time for visiting the city, so no queues, yay! It’s a tad more expensive than buying on the door, but when you see the line, you’ll be glad you did!

Vatican city in rome

Grand Canyon, Arizona, U.S

The two-billion-year old natural wonder is one of the most visited attractions in the entire world. It currently stands at a whopping 1,800 meters deep and 18 miles wide! It’s no wonder that people flock to see it in the flesh, the sheer size of the canyon really needs to be seen to be believed!

Skip the Queue: Want to know the ultimate way to skip the queue at the Grand Canyon? Take a helicopter tour! The tour sets off from Las Vegas and along the way you’ll see Hoover Damn, the Mojave Desert, Lake Mead and the Colorado River, then you finally land at Eagle Point where you can skip the queue at the skywalk! Your guide will even take a photo of you at the top to commemorate the epic moment. Now isn’t that just the best way to cross the Grand Canyon off your bucket list?!

Grand canyon in arizona

Did you know? Despite its massive size, it’s not the biggest canyon in the world, Kali Gandaki Gorge in Nepal takes that title!

Colosseum, Rome

The Colosseum in Rome is known far and wide as the place where gladiator and wild animal fights were shown for public entertainment. Inside there is seating for around 55,000 so it truly was massive for the time it was built! You can now appreciate the beauty of the Colosseum despite its brutalized past, and tour the amphitheater, but be warned, the queues can get pretty long…

Skip the Queue: If you only have a few hours in port then take the Ancient Rome Tour. It lasts around 3 hours and you get to see all Rome’s hot spots including: the Colosseum, roman forum and take in the breath taking views from palatine hill! The best part is that there’s a line skip at each place, so you get more time with those top attractions!

Colosseum in Rome Italy

Walt Disney World, Orlando

As one of the largest and most visited resorts in the world, Walt Disney World should definitely be on your bucket list. It’s the home to theme parks, hotels, water parks, entertainment venues and so much more, it’s the perfect family holiday; which is probably why there’s always such a long wait for the rides and attractions…

Skip the Queue: With Disney’s new online reservation system Fastpass +, you can reserve up to 3 attractions a day, including: character meet and greets, shows, parades, etc. The best bit? It’s included in your admission price, so no costly fees for booking your favourite attractions! You can plan up to a month in advance, but don’t worry if you can’t decide what to do, the system will automatically select for you. Then once you arrive at the park you’ll be given a magic band that gives you the VIP ability to simply scan and skip ahead. Yes, it’s really that simple!

walt disney world orlando

Now you know how to skip the queue at world attractions! Have you ever been stuck in a long queue at a world attraction? Do you have any tips to skip the queue? Let us know in the comments!

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