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Where To See The World’s Best Fireworks On A Cruise

Where To See The World’s Best Fireworks On A Cruise

It’s almost that time of year again where everyone says goodbye to the year and welcomes a new one…

From sitting along the wharf watching the rockets descend above the Sydney Opera House to dancing the night away in India whilst the Catherine wheels whizz overhead, we have gathered a list of the best firework displays around the world…

Seeing in Christmas & New Years, Rio, South America

Who says you just have to celebrate Christmas with Santa, yule logs and stuffed turkeys? The South Americans go all out and use a firework celebration to see in Christmas.

What better way to get into the festive spirit then by watching the sky spark on Copacabana beach…?


Diwali, Delhi, India

A certain religious celebration to watch out for is Diwali which, very fittingly, is known for being the festival of lights.

This is when worshippers all over the world come together in festivities to catch spectacular Diwali firework displays include Delhi, Karachi.

You don’t just have to be abroad to appreciate these awe-inspiring pops of colour…


New Years Eve, Sydney, Australia 

Is there anything quite like watching the firework display over the Sydney Opera House? Absolutely not.

Australia is one of the first to bring in the new year so grab a glass of champagne as you watch the show that puts the UK to shame!

If you miss out on getting a seat front row in the harbour, then there are plenty of viewing points to watch the show all over the city…


Chinese New Year, Hong Kong, China

Where in the world creates a spectacle anything quite like the large Chinese cities on Chinese New Year?

Head to hubs like Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong and you won’t be disappointed by the dazzling array of lights, colours and sounds!


Malta International Display, Malta

You may not expect this one but this firework display was only introduced a few years ago. It quickly became one of the biggest in the world!

With the opportunity for contestants to compete and show what they can do with pyrotechnics, expect the unexpected…


Have you been to any of these firework celebrations before? Would you like to sail to any of them? Let us know in the comments below!


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