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How To: Order A Drink From A Robotic Bartender

How To: Order A Drink From A Robotic Bartender

One of the most famous features of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum class of cruise ships has to be the Bionic Bar. The world exclusive is not only the first robotic bar at sea… it’s the first robotic bar anywhere in the world. But how exactly does it work?

Well, despite being in a bar, these aren’t your usual bar tenders as it’s manned by two robots – B1-0 and N1-C! Whether you’re after a drink before dinner, after a show, (or in the middle of the day for that matter…) the Bionic Bar is there for you.

If you want to make your own concoction or just have an old classic – the robots can help you, you just need to tell them what you want. Here is our step by step guide of how to order a drink…


– To order, you need to swipe your room card or wristband on a nearby iPad, which is synced with the machines. You can even order a drink from your smartphone if you download the app!

-You then enter your date of birth (so the machine can make sure you aren’t an underage passenger that could have picked up someone else’s arm band!)

– Choose from the menu of what there is to drink, or come up with your own cocktail creation. If you choose from one that is a typical classic, you can also read reviews of what other passengers thought of this cocktail!

– It will come up with a waiting time to let you know how long it will be until your drink is ready…

– Your drink will then be made by either of the robots right before your eyes… Trust us – it’s impressive!

– A screen at the side will also flash to say your name and what you have ordered, to entice other cruisers to try one.

– When your drink is ready, swipe your room card or wristband on the bar and your drink will be released!


Our favourite part of the experience was watching the robots dance in time with the music as they shook up the cocktails! (stirred… not shaken – James Bond makes a bad martini as any good bartender will tell you…)

Witness the process below:


Last year we actually interviewed the makers of the Bionic Bar and they told us all about the process involved. The machines are waterproof and they’ll even work during storms or choppy seas (whether you would want a mojito during choppy seas is another matter!)


Want to know more about the Bionic Bar?….

bionic bar


What do you think of the Bionic Bar? Just a gimmick? Or is it a real innovation? Is it just a matter of time before these robo bar tenders take over the world? Let us know in the comment below!

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