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How To Get The Best Nights Sleep On Your Next Cruise

How To Get The Best Nights Sleep On Your Next Cruise

There’s nothing worse than going on holiday for some serious relaxation and not being able to sleep at night. According to a Princess Cruises survey taken in 2019, 70% of Brits struggle to get a goods night sleep on holiday. Research also showed that 66% of Brits are more sleep-deprived than many other countries, including Australia, USA and China.

Well, today is The Festival of Sleep Day here in the UK. This day is all focussed around us all getting the much-needed rest and some shut-eye after the crazy Christmas period. So we thought it best to focus on your future cruise holidays and take a look at how you can really relax onboard your favourite ships. 

So here are our 5 steps to achieving the best nights sleep on your next cruise…

Turn your cabin into your very own relaxation zone

Most of us get our best nights sleep in our own beds and your cabin whilst on a cruise is your basically your home away from home. You hang your clothes up (well some of us do), arange all of your toiletries on the shelf in the bathroom and tuck your pyjamas under the pillow. 

So why not make it even more like home, by connecting to MSC Cruises virtual personal cruise assistant, ZOE. Available on MSC Grandiosa and MSC Bellissima, ZOE is a first in the cruise industry. ZOE’s physical design features advanced audio with far-field microphones and a professional quality speaker to provide the best audio experience. Guests will enjoy fast response times thanks to the integration of a top-of-the-range quad-core processor, and also have the opportunity to connect their phones directly to the device through Bluetooth to enjoy music, podcasts and more directly in their cabin. 

So if you’re winding down for the day in your cabin, why not sit back, connect your phone to your Zoe and play your favourite tunes whilst you enjoy some room service? This should really help you wind down for the day. 

Take full advantage of the onboard spas

If you’ve never been to a spa before then you really don’t know what you’re missing out on. There’s nothing that’ll get you ready for a good nights sleep than a relaxing afternoon in the onboard spa.

Most of the larger cruise lines have spas onboard for you to enjoy all with their very own unique touches. Royal Caribbean has its Vitality Spa which is great for all the family. They not only offer treatments for you, but they also offer your teens with treatments curated just for them as well as couples treatments in case you and your partner need a little one on one time. 

If you’re looking for a real luxury spa experience, then there’s only one cruise line we need to mention, and that’s Regent Seven Seas. Serene Wellness and Spa offers a huge variety of A holistic array of treatments and services that have been developed to promote mental and physical rejuvenation. Relieve muscle tension and rejuvenate the body with cooling jade and warm basalt stones with a Ying Yang Balancing Massage or enjoy a Sea Lavender and Samphire Body Polish to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin.

Finally, if you’re planning to sail with Princess Cruises in the near future, you must make sure you take a visit to The Lotus Spa onboard their ships. Named Best Spa on a Cruise Ship by Spa finder Wellness 365TM, The Lotus Spa offers a variety of treatments, such as aroma stone therapy massages and detoxifying ocean wraps. Or, enjoy a manicure and pedicure in their salon.

Close-up of a man relaxing with eyes closed during head massage at the spa.

Stretch it out in an onboard class

Studies have shown that exercise can help a lot of people sleep better at night. Now, the thought of taking part in a gym class may be the last thing on your mind when you think of your dream cruise but, cruise lines don’t just offer high-intensity classes for their guest, but a range of more relaxing classes. 

Onboard brand new cruise line, Virgin Voyages, guests can enjoy yoga classes at sunrise as well as meditation classes. And if yoga’s not your bag, why not take advantage of their outdoor jogging track and go for a lovely long walk with breathtaking views of the ocean. That’ll be sure to set you up for a good nights sleep. 

If you’re looking for something a little more upbeat with a little more excitement, then Cunard might just be your best bet. Onboard professional dancers are on hand to teach you a variety of dances from the tango to the waltz. The best thing is, if your travelling partner isn’t as keen, Cunard has gentlemen hosts on hand to take you for a spin around the dance floor. 

There’s nothing like a good bed

A lot of cruise lines have our interests at heart and really do want us to get a good nights sleep. So it’s no surprise that they invest a hell of a lot of money into the beds we sleep on whilst on board their ships. But, there is only one cruise line who have not only invested money but also researched what the perfect bed is all about. 

Princess Cruises spoke to their friends in the hotel world to help develop and manufacture their beds on board their ships. The Princess Luxury Bed was created in conjunction with Dr. Michael Breus – who served as the official sleep expert of WebMD and appears regularly on the Dr. Oz Show – to create a mattress utilising the latest in sleep science research and technology for the ultimate night of sleep on board. 

They’ve invested in ultra-premium features including a plush two-inch thick pillow top, a nine-inch single-sided medium firm mattress for enhanced support, individually wrapped coils for less partner disturbance, a European-inspired duvet and 100% luxurious Jacquard-woven cotton linens.

As an extension to their sensory stateroom offerings, they offer a SLEEP by Princess Kit which includes additional sleep-inducing items such as eyeshades, earplugs, aromatherapy scents, Dr. Breus’ Good Night™ app and more.

Don’t forget a little bit of mindfulness 

Mindfulness is a huge part of relaxation and can really set you up when it comes to getting a good nights sleep. Cruise lines offer a huge range of activities onboard their ships including a lot of mindfulness activities too. 

Onboard Celebrity Cruises ships you can take your mind off the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take part in a Hot Glass Class, where you’ll create a beautiful flower, starfish, bowl, vase, or other mementoes to take home. 

If crafts are your thing, Carnival Cruises have a dedicated crafts programme for you to enjoy all expertly designed by the creative minds at Michaels®. These projects can include bracelets, key chains, or even picture frames for you to make. 

So that’s it! What are your top tips for getting the best nights sleep on a cruise? Let us know in the comments. 

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