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How To Cruise Hawaii, The State With Everything From Snorkelling To A Japanese Garden

How To Cruise Hawaii, The State With Everything From Snorkelling To A Japanese Garden

“There’s no place on earth like Hawaii.”

Anyone who has been researching the tropical islands in advance of the summer holidays is sure to have read the above quote by now. Whether you’re looking for tourist testimonies, local lessons or fellow cruiser consultation, this sage piece of wisdom permeates the cruise landscape; there’s no place on earth like Hawaii, and that’s exactly why you should make the journey to see it for yourself.

Hawaii’s eight main islands each have something essential to see – even if you can only visit four of them by cruise ship, and below we have what we think are the best islands and the best things to do when you make it to port…Aloha!


Maui – The Valley Isle (mow-ee)

When you make land at Maui it’s a short trip to Wailuku, the local town. There you can find the Queen Ka’ahumanu Centre, a sprawling modern shopping centre and the biggest one on the island.

But if your consumerist side isn’t feeling it, you could always take the short trip to the Maui Ocean Centre to see some amazing sea life.

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If neither of those gets your blood pumping, then maybe choose the Flyin Hawaiian Zipline, the highest and fastest zipline course on Maui which boasts incredible views, thrills and essential memories!

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Kaua’i – The Garden Isle (ka-wuh-ee or ka-wye – but definitely not cow-eye!)

Kaua’i is known as The Garden Isle, mainly because it’s one of the least inhabited islands in Hawai’i and has a law in place that no building may be built that is taller than a palm tree (about three or four storeys, at most).

This is to protect the island’s beautiful views, which we think you’ll agree are well worth it.

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Of course, this means trips like a cruise of the Na Pali Coast State Park or the Kalalau Trail will offer some utterly unforgettable views and landscapes.

But viewing the island from underwater is amazing too, as you’ll find if you take the dive and go scuba diving or snorkelling!

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O’ahu – The Gathering Place (o-ah-who)

O’ahu is home to Hawaii’s capital city, Honolulu, and brings with it everything you would ever want from a capital.

Shopping, restaurants and cultural museums are here in full force, with those versed in history and those with a mild interest alike both finding so much to see and do with Pearl Harbour and the Battleship Missouri Memorial.

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If history isn’t your thing, we recommend visiting some local restaurants and seeing the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, a gorgeous spot for snorkelling and an educational trip in itself if you come equipped with a knowledgeable guide!

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Hawai’i – The Big Island (ha-veye-ee)

Yes that’s right, the Big Island itself, Hawai’i. Here you can get off the boat at either Hilo or Kona, the two ports on the island that see cruise ships make berth.

Downtown Hilo is popular with tourists wishing to grab some local lunch and souvenirs, not to mention this is the home of Rainbow Falls. Don’t miss the sight of the fall that’s part of the Hawai’i State Parks…

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We recommend taking a trip to Queen Liliuokalani Park and Gardens to see a different side of Hawaii. This 34-acre Japanese garden is named after the great monarch and is dedicated to Japanese immigrants living in Hilo.

It is the largest Edo-style garden outside of Japan, so if you want an amazing multicultural experience, this is one of the best ways to do it.

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That’s the way to cruise Hawai’i! Have you visited the exotic state yourself? What would you do differently if you visited again? What most appeals to you from our list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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