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How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve Wherever You Are In The World!

How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve Wherever You Are In The World!

New Year is a very popular time to go cruising, with more holidaymakers than ever choosing to skip the disappointing fireworks shows at home for an exotic destination on a far-flung cruise. Every corner of the world has their own traditions for New Year’s Eve and we’ve handpicked the best, the most intriguing and weirdest celebrations for you to consider on December 31st!

New York, America

If you haven’t seen the New Year’s Eve Times Square, where have you been? No one does overblown glitzy street parties like the Americans, and here you’ll find Times Square re-imagined as thousands wait for the Waterford Crystal LED ball to drop. Millions around the world watch this on TV, but being there and being part of the crowd is so much more exciting!

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Madrid, Spain

Spain is known for its great weather, passionate culture and… unusual New Year’s Eve celebrations! If you find yourself in Madrid on December 31st you’ll witness the locals swallowing grapes. Yep, you read that right!

Spaniards congregate and swallow 12 grapes, one for each stroke of the clock after midnight. It’s considered good luck for the following year if you can finish them all on time! There is also a firework celebration in Puerta del Sol plaza for those after a more conventional New Year’s Eve experience.

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Rio, Brazil

In Brazil, they never miss the opportunity to have a party! Here the celebrations are known as “Reveillon” and everyone dresses in white. Millions take to the streets and then head to the beaches to throw flowers into the waves of the sea which is set to give thanks to a sea goddess. Afterwards, the celebrations go up a gear as dancing and revelry hit the bars, restaurants and clubs.

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Tokyo, Japan

Enjoy yourself like an emperor this year with a trip to Japan! At midnight bells ring from temples and the following two days are the only time of year that the emperor opens the palace grounds to the public. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and spend New Year’s Eve as if transported back hundreds of years ago.

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Sydney, Australia

As one of the first countries to bring in the New Year, the world looks to Australia to kick the celebrations off in style! We’ve all seen the impressive firework bonanza that takes place high in the skies above Sydney, but there are other traditions to consider taking part in. The first part of Australia to see the New Year is Lord Howe Island and here residents celebrate with huge beach bonfires… and a little skinny-dipping! Alternatively, head to Hobart and eat your way into the New Year with a wealth of markets showcasing the region’s food, wine and beer!

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Cancun, Mexico

For one of the best parties of the year, head to Cancun in Mexico. Here the beach parties on December 31st are world famous for their dance events, abundance of famous DJs and it starts at sunset… until the last person goes home!

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Paris, France

A last chance for romance in your year waits for you in Paris! The city famed for amore proves to be a magical setting for revellers year after year with the chance to watch the firework displays, take a river trip or sit under the Eiffel tower with a bottle of wine. What could be more romantic than eating your way through the French classics with a glass of vino in hand? We don’t think anything can be!

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What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Where is the most exotic destination that you’ve seen in the New Year?

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