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How to Avoid Spending a Penny Whilst In Port!

How to Avoid Spending a Penny Whilst In Port!

Once you’ve booked your cruise, you’re probably wondering what to do in port while avoiding spending those precious pounds, and save money, right? If so, Cruise.co.uk has got you covered as we’ve come up with a list of 8 things you can do whilst docked at your destination, completely free of charge!

If that sounds too good to be true – trust us, it isn’t. Want to know how you can dock without splashing the cash? Read on to find out more…

Catch Some Rays

The obvious option is to hit the local beach as the majority of ports have a beach nearby. You don’t have to spend a dime whilst sunbathing so you can relax knowing that those pennies remain unspent. Top up on your tan whilst relaxing by the ocean, or take a dip and go swimming to wash away your day to day stresses! If you bring your own towels or beach mats you can also avoid paying extra on beaches that charge visitors for sun loungers.

Did you know? The British Psychological Society did a study and discovered that a trip to the beach is better than the countryside and parks in terms of improving levels of well-being!

Relaxing on the beach in port

Tour the Town

Believe it or not, many cruise lines now offer free tours as part of your package. Lines such as Viking, Azamara and APT all offer free excursions to explore the location’s culture and heritage. If your cruise doesn’t offer this, you could alternately take a tour from a local and see what they think are the hottest spots! The more adventurous among you could even print out a map and go on a free walking tour.

Sightseeing whilst in port


Don’t fancy the company of a guided tour? Stroll away from the port to explore the city by yourself and go hiking! Climb a mountain and see the view from the highest peak in the destination, or explore what the landscape has to offer. It’s easier than you think and there are plenty of websites out there to offer advice on routes to take and even apps to download to your phone that can guide you.

Did you know? Hiking exercises nearly all parts of your body and even your mind!

Hiking whilst in port

Catch Up On Your Reading

Your time on shore offers you the best opportunity to catch up on your reading after a crazy day full of cruise ship itineraries! Make the most of your port time and relax on the beach and start that new series you’ve been promising yourself you would, or relive a classic in a quiet café. What’s better than finding a quiet corner of the world to curl up to a book?

Reading on the beach in port

Become a Photographer

Time in port gives you the perfect opportunity to take some gorgeous photos. Take a snap of the glorious views and share them to your Instagram to make all your friends jealous, or capture a moment you never want to forget to add to your family album!

Did you know? Today people take more photos every two minutes than the entire world did in the 19th century.

Photography in port

Admire the Art

You can visit most art galleries and museums completely free of charge. You can learn the history of the location, or browse breath-taking art collections that will keep you amused for hours on end. Some of the best free museums offer guests the chance to make a “donation” but paying it is entirely optional!

museum whilst in port

Start a Travel Journal

Fancy yourself as a bit of a journalist, or just wanting to capture the memorable parts of your holiday? Get yourself a journal and jot down your adventures on the ship so far, or get out there and explore the destination and find out its secrets. Many top travel journalists keep a journal, so you may find your passion and kick start a new career!

start a travel journal in port

Play a sport

After being cooped up on-board the ship, you may feel like you need to exert some energy! If so, why don’t you give a sport a go? Find the local park and have a kick around, or head on down to the beach for a game of volleyball…

playing volleyball whilst in port

Now you know how to still have fun at the port whilst not spending a penny! Do any of these activities interest you? Would you consider saving some money and trying one of the activities mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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