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Hot Off The Press: Brand New Seabourn News!

Hot Off The Press: Brand New Seabourn News!

Today Cruise.co.uk’s roving reporter Danielle Meenan got some fabulous new information straight from Seabourn!

This morning John Delaney, Senior VP of Marketing and Sales over at Seabourn held a presentation on some brand new ships coming in the next year! Unfortunately we can’t show you any pictures just yet, but they look very similar to current Odyssey-class ships from Seabourn, something we’ve reported on before! Twice, in fact.

The ship launching in 2016 will go on sale March 1st 2015 – not that long to wait at all!

Sure the ships won’t look all that different from the outside, but on the inside the new Odyssey-class vessels just might be the best among Seabourn’s fleet.

Seabourn Square will make its debut, with a circular design there to give a feel of a light, airy and “residential” feel to the cabins. In addition to this the Light Bite food section is going to have more choice than ever thanks to an oven preparing fresh bread and pastries throughout the day.

Another addition is the Colonnade Buffet Restaurant, a more open, wider space, with the aft dining area available for all meals. The main dining restaurant will now have a piano in the middle for added atmosphere, and one night during the cruise will play host to a dinner date theme! Nice for the couples!

Interestingly, officers and even the Captain will serve the guests during new on deck events with booths of different food! If that doesn’t satisfy the gastronomy fanatic inside you (most people know it as their “stomach”) then perhaps going shopping with the ship’s chef will? The “Shopping with the Chef” excursion has now been expanded, where guests join the chef on an excursion to purchase fresh produce for the evening’s meal.

But that’s not the only improved excursion; Seabourn are working with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to build excursions around heritage sites and access to some exclusive areas you may only see with a Seabourn excursion – a must for culture and history fans!

To top off all the news, Seabourn have been considering cruising Alaska in 2017, so if you haven’t been yet your chance might be coming up!

Phew – that’s a whole lot of news! Have you cruised with Seabourn yet? If not, is it high on your to-do list? (It should be!)

Bulletin Editor

Editor and Creative Copywriter of Cruise.co.uk's bulletin blog, bringing you cruise news, tips and guides daily! - Contact: bulletineditor@cruise.co.uk

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