Holland America Line Launches Epic 28-Day Exploration Cruise

Holland America Line Launches Epic 28-Day Exploration Cruise

A brand-new 28-day “Arctic Circle Crossing: Greenland & Iceland” cruise, inspired by intrepid 10th-century explorers, has been launched by Holland America Line – and will be setting sail in 2025!

The cruise with Nieuw Statendam will depart on 29th June 2025 from Rotterdam, Netherlands and will call at 15 ports across five countries, including passing through the extraordinary Arctic Circle and four maiden calls in Greenland.

The whole Legendary Voyage has been influenced by routes treaded by Norse explorer Erik the Red – who actually founded the very first European settlement in Greenland!

“Legendary Voyages give us the opportunity to create longer cruises that delve deeper into a region and include ports we don’t normally visit, like the four maiden calls in Greenland on the new Arctic Circle Crossing.

We’re taking this itinerary up to Norway’s North Cape, then heading farther north in Greenland on both coasts and adding amazing opportunities in Iceland. At 28 days, it’s the perfect length to showcase this area and give our guests an experience that goes beyond a brief introduction to the countries.”

Beth Bodensteiner, Chief Commercial Officer of Holland America Line

The cruise will make its first ports of call at two enchanting Norwegian ports, Alesund and Trondheim, before crossing the infamous Arctic Circle. The mystical Arctic Circle runs through Northern Norway and is best known for its unique associated natural phenomena.

Days work a little differently in the Arctic Circle – in the winter the area near it is shrouded in complete darkness (known as polar night) and in the summer the sun doesn’t really set, known more famously as the midnight sun.

After the crossing, Nieuw Statendam will go on to visit Honnigvag, North Cape, Tromso, scenic cruising through Jan Mayen Island and Scoresbysund, Akereyri, Isaforddur, Nanortalik, Reykjavik, Stornoway, Invergordon and Dover, plus aforementioned maiden calls to beautiful Greenlandic ports Ittoqqortoormiit, Nuuk, Sisimiut, and Ilulissat.

Greenland is perhaps best known for its frozen, dramatic – seemingly endless! – landscapes that many people choose to explore on sledges or skis! Any curious cruiser visiting Greenland can discover the traditions and practices of Inuit culture, see distinct unique architecture, wander through fisherman villages and even sample local delicacies, such as halibut and Arctic char!

If you fancy yourself as an avid explorer, you can book your cabin on this Holland America Line Legendary Voyage now!

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