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Has Techology Overstepped The Mark? The New Device About To Change Everything For Cruise Guests

Has Techology Overstepped The Mark? The New Device About To Change Everything For Cruise Guests

Carnival Corporation have just announced the beginning of their next-generation wearable device for every one of their guests.

The new technology will ensure that crew members have passenger information at their fingertips in order to personalize their interaction and service. The details were revealed recently by the brand’s CEO, Arnold Donald, at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Carnival have unveiled the Ocean Medallion, a disc chock full of enough technology to change a guest’s experience from the moment they start to plan their cruise to their very last minutes on-board and beyond. This will include everything from express check-in to ordering food and beverages on demand, to booking shore excursions instantly to playing interactive games.

‘Our focus is on exceeding guest expectations every single day and consistently delivering guest experiences. Now we are in a prime position to take the guest experience to a level never before considered possible!’ Donald recently stated.

Carnival have looked to get rid of key cards or the notion of tapping the way passengers do with MagicBands, so the medallion is more of an EZPass: technology that is read instantly without needing to pause or act any further. It promises to streamline embarkation and disembarkation, open staterooms effortlessly when approaching the  door, locate friends and family aboard the ship, and allow passengers to buy merchandise without credit cards, paper or transaction.

‘We’re looking to get rid of all the clutter that gets in the way of an amazing vacation and focus more than ever on elevating the guest experience’, John Padgett, Carnival’s chief experience and innovation officer, stated.

‘We’ve listened to our customers and hope to gain new customers by simplifying the planning, personalizing the experience, and fostering relationships between passengers and our crew’.

The wearable medallion will also evolve interaction between passengers and crew; cruisers can set their food and beverage preferences ahead of cruising or onboard using the Ocean Compass smartphone app. This means that information will be instantly accessible by the crew, as will the cruisers’ current location onboard. This way the crew will be able to deliver food to guests instantly instead of passengers standing in line for drinks or waiting in your stateroom for room service.

Padgett continues: ‘The Ocean Medallion creates an elevated level of service that’s made possible by technology but doesn’t feel like technology itself. Whether guests are having a drink delivered to their seat at the night’s show or trying their luck gaming while lounging poolside, we will assist our guests wherever they are, whilst engaging with them in a uniquely personal way. 

‘Our mission is to help our guests make the most of every moment of their vacation’.

Each medallion will be engraved with the passenger’s name and embarkation date, it will be free of charge and will create a tailored vacation experience for every guest.

Click here to see what the Ocean Medallion will really look like!


But what do you think? Do you prefer the traditional way of doing things or do you think new technology like this is the next best thing for your onboard experience?


Leave us more of your thoughts and comments!



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