Harmony Of The Seas- Your Home Away From Home

Harmony Of The Seas- Your Home Away From Home

It’s now less than a month until the launch of Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, Harmony (the biggest ship in the world, can we just add!), and us at www.CRUISE.co.uk will be there for it! She is said to be giving us something that’s bigger and better than anything we have ever seen (or cruised on) before and you can get all the exclusive information right here. You would be a fool to miss it!
With a concept exclusive to select Royal Caribbean ships, Harmony gives you seven neighbourhoods on-board. That means a title for every designated area, a solution to every mood and an answer for every personality and age! Whether you’re a parent, a teenager or a couple wanting a romantic getaway, the neighbourhood concept offers you a real variety of activities, entertainment and dining venues, so you’ll always have freedom and never feel boredom.

We don’t want to give too much away but we want to give you something, so read on for some little sneak peeks of Harmony’s neighbourhood’s that make it a home away from home…


Central Park

Yes, as in New York City’s Central Park! This neighbourhood is inspired by the famous city’s park and imitates its lovely landscape, making it the perfect place for relaxing whilst you read a book or take a romantic stroll. You’ll find an exciting restaurant owned by a famous chef (but which one?!) and many more intimate dining venues to experience.

There’s a few fancy spots to visit here too if you’re in the shopping mood or are a lover of wine. There’s lots more to expect from this neighbourhood so stay tuned! But first, take a look below for a sneak peek at what you can expect…
OASIS-Central Park


This is another New York related neighbourhood so you’re allowed to have high expectations! This one is Coney Island-inspired so expect it to be entertainment central and amusement park esque. There’ll also be a selection of restaurants and bars suited for family day’s out here, and even your favourite coffee shop from home…

Don’t forget your camera for getting your best holiday photos against the vibrant attractions; this is where your action packed days can begin! Look below for a sneak peek at what you can look forward to…
OASIS-Boardwalk 1

Entertainment Place

This is your next port of call (no pun intended) for a fast paced, jam packed day of fun! Don’t forget your swimsuits because here’s where you’ll come across the water park side to Harmony: three storey waterslides that twist and turn around one of the seven neighbourhood’s (but which one?) Head here if you want to say you’ve been on the tallest dry slide at sea, too!

And don’t worry, it isn’t all just water based. This is where you can come in your evening clothes after dinner when it’s time for someone else to do the entertaining! Who likes comedy shows? Take a peek below at what you can expect from this neighbourhood….

Royal Promenade

No-one likes to say goodbye to their usual weekend shopping when they step on-board so head here for a range of shops that you’ll need for a splurge! And there’s more to do than just shop; you might already know that Royal Caribbean are a real fan of hosting firsts-at-sea and you’ll find one here in the form of the Rising Tide bar…we’ll say no more!

The karaoke lovers won’t need to look any further than the royal promenade and Pizza Hut’s rival sits here too (this freshly cooked pizza is a Royal Caribbean staple we couldn’t live without). There’s much more to see here and get involved in, including robotic arms that make your cocktail! We won’t tell you how or what it looks like, but big Royal Caribbean fans may already be familiar with this popular and innovative bar.

Have a peek below for some insight into Royal Promenade on-board other Royal Caribbean ships…
OASIS-Royal Promenade

Did You Know: You can even choose out of a few of the neighbourhoods to be your unique balcony view, bringing you closer to the action and it comes with some exclusive perks, too!


Vitality Spa

Royal Caribbean understands how you’ll feel after an action packed day of water slides, skydiving and carnival games and that’s exactly why there’s a whole neighbourhood dedicated to your relaxation and rejuvenation (dressing gowns or fitness gear at the ready!) If you need to ease your muscles at the end of the day there’s a range of holistic spa treatments just for you.

Or even if you want to push yourself further to the limit there’s award winning fitness classes and pilates! The list of ways to relax and feel fresh is endless on-board Harmony and you have to be there to experience it so what are you waiting for?

Look below for an exclusive look into the spa you’ll find on-board…
OASIS-Vitality Spa Thermal Suite 3

Kids Avenue

Well, you guessed it: a neighbourhood just for the kids! Not only will the young ones be able to choose from a massive array of activities to get involved in, it’s also a way for the adults to have a guilt-free, relaxing getaway as there’s supervised kids programmes.

Every age will have an activity designed and suited just for them from toddlers to teenagers so you feel right at home and the themed play areas will be revealed soon but we’re hinting at a cross between experiments and arts and crafts!

Central Park is just a few decks away for the parents wanting a romantic and quiet stroll through the greenery before you’re ready to reunite with the kids for some more madness! Take a look at some exclusive images of Kids Avenue from Harmony…
kids avenue

H2O Zone

You’ve heard about Harmony holding the tallest waterslide at sea, but don’t worry because Royal Caribbean know a ten-storey drop isn’t for all of us so there’s plenty more water park fun to get involved in! Have you ever wanted to try surfing but are a little too scared of the sea? Or do you prefer a relaxing glass of champagne in a hot tub? T

he ship continues to be as family-friendly as ever with Splashaway Bay because which kids (okay, and adults) don’t enjoy creature water cannons and giant drenching water buckets? The most impressive water slides aren’t just found in exotic water parks anymore…jump on-board Harmony to discover the rest, and take a peek below if you just can’t wait!


If you weren’t excited for Harmony before, you must be now! Which neighbourhood will you spend most time in? Will you be bringing your swimsuits or dressing gowns or both?! Will you brave the tallest slide at sea? Leave us your comments below!

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