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Harmony of the Seas: C Sharp, or Falling Flat?

Harmony of the Seas: C Sharp, or Falling Flat?

As you’ve probably heard by now, the www.CRUISE.co.uk team were on-board Harmony of the Seas last weekend. We’ve told you the weird and wonderful things about her, we’ve looked at her size and the features on-board, but after visiting the largest ship in the world – what did we really think of her?

Were there any disappointments? Were there any surprises on-board? Read on to find out our final verdict on the largest ship in the seas…


Were We Taken With Central Park?

Psst, don’t forget you can also find the Central Park neighbourhood onboard fellow mega-ship, Oasis of the Seas! Our Kym told us what she made of the neighbourhoods on-board and how her expectations compared with reality….

“Arriving in Southampton I was amazed by the size of this spectacular ship. I was a little dubious of how it would be… too big… a little tacky. But no this ship has the perfect balance of elegance and fun. From its super cool boardwalk with burger bars and fair ground rides to the tranquil central park inspired area this ship really has something for everyone.

My favourite area was the Royal Promenade which oozed atmosphere. During the day is was the place  to people watch, listen to live music and drink coffee and in the evening it transformed to the best street party you’ve ever been too. All in all this ship is the BIGGEST and the BEST and I can’t wait to sail on her again.” You can read more about Kym and her time on Harmony here! 

You can even WIN a luxurious cruise to the Caribbean with one of Royal Caribbean’s mega-ships.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is write a review of your past cruise.  Click here to write your review.


Is Bigger Necessarily Better?

With 18 decks, 6,780 guests and a ship taller than the Eiffel tower, is bigger always better? Our specialist cruise consultant Steve thought so…

“I was really impressed with the whole ship. It was amazing. I liked the fact that it doesn’t feel too long a distance from the front to the back of the ship. For example independence of the seas feels a long walk. Harmony was more bulked on top of each other so the Boardwalk, Promenade and Central Park were kind of altogether.”

Sounds perfect for those who like to get from A to B quickly! You can read more about Steve’s take on the largest ship in the world here.

harmony 1


What Were The Rooms Like?

Our specialist cruise consultant Janet told us about her experience of the room she stayed in:

“The room was bigger than I expected, with ample storage space, two good size mirrors (one of which was full length ladies), and a decent sized shower cubicle in the ensuite bathroom.” You can read more about Janet and her time on Harmony by read her blog here!

Or watch our tour of our cabins on-board Harmony below…


Was The Rising Tide Bar Rocking?

Our specialist cruise consultant Carl thought that the Rising Tide Bar wasn’t as spectacular as he thought it would be but our other specialist cruise consultant Jodie thought that it was a great place to relax!

“I particularly loved the rising tide bar that went up and down between central park and the Royal Promenade. A great place to relax, have a drink and socialise and have a change of scenery every 15 minutes or so without having to move!”

You can read more about Jodie here.

harmony 3


Did Royal Make Her DreamWorks Come True?

Sarah told us about what her highlight of the ship was from a mother’s perspective:

“As a mum of a 3 year old for me it was all about Royal Caribbean’s collaboration with DreamWorks. To get up close and personal with characters from such films as Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar was a real dream come true.

I was even lucky enough to be on Facetime to my son when Gloria from Madagascar appeared! He was so excited to see her! Truly magical!”

You can find out what else Sarah thought of the ship here.

harmony 4


What Were The Ships Highlights?

We asked our specialist cruise consultant Charlene what she thought the highlights of the ship were:

“I loved the rising tide bar, chilling out with a glass of champagne! The extreme Abyss fun for the teenagers, the kids club was superb – I’m sure if my 4 year old son was with me I would never get him out of the Aquanauts & H20 Zone!”

You can find out more about Charlene and her opinions on cruising here.

harmony 2

How Did Our Vegetarians Fare?

Our Millie is vegetarian and was worried before travelling that she wouldn’t be able to find anything on-board, but she was pleasantly surprised!

“It’s probably a good idea to pay a little extra for speciality restaurants as there’s more choice and staff might be more capable of specifically making something vegetarian (or just go to the buffet/main dining room for choice)”

If you want to speak to one of our consultants about booking a cruise on Harmony of the Seas, you can contact them here!

harmony 8


Would The Kids Enjoy It?

Harry thought it was a ship for both families and couples alike:

Royal have not just focused on Adults or Families; you have different parts of the ship that have totally different feels like Central Park very adult and chilled and then the Boardwalk which is what I would want for the family. I also love the feeling of space which I was very surprised at for a ship that can hold so many guests but I guess you can do that on the biggest ship in the world.”

You can read more about Harry here.

harmony 8


So Overall… What Was Our Verdict?


So there you have it! Do you like the look of Harmony of the Seas? Do you agree with our opinions? Would you sail on her? Let us know in the comments below!

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