Hallelujah! Say Hello To The Bucket List Trip Everyone Is Fighting Over

Hallelujah! Say Hello To The Bucket List Trip Everyone Is Fighting Over

Ever heard of the “Hallelujah Mountains”? Or Zhangjiaje? It’s unlike anything you’ve seen across the entire world.

The old ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ line can get a little old and a little cheesy can’t it, so how about something that is next-holiday material!

Something that can’t wait any longer. Take a look at this one…

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Get Ticking

Zhangijaje National Park

Otherwise known as where to find the Hallelujah Mountains and what inspired the film Avatar, Zhangjiaje was the first national forest park in China!

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There’s plenty to do on your visit here, from mountain hiking to photography. And as for the Hallelujah Mountains, they were originally called the Floating Mountains…

The illusion is that they float in the air and the scenery is what gave inspiration to a famous scene in Avatar!

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You’ll find the world’s longest cable car ride here and the highest outdoor elevator in the world…these records are legendary.


Great Wall of China

This is a must for every traveller if you really want to see the famous sites of China. The wall is an icon, and it was once said by Chairman Mao “until you reach the Great Wall, you’re no hero”.

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The construction project of the wall has the longest duration and greatest cost in human lives, which is why it earned its place as one of the seven wonders of the world (not to mention it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site!)


Summer Palace

Another masterpiece of China is this, the Summer Palace in Beijing. The natural landscape of hills and open water is a refreshing view for every traveller…

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The artificial features in the form of temples, pavillions, halls and palaces are a wonder in themselves with an opportunity for spiritual contemplation.

It’s said to be the best preserved imperial garden in the world and the largest of its kind still in existence!

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Find it near central Beijing…


South China Karsts on Yangtze

Another gem on our list that is World Heritage listed. Open yourself up to the unusual geology of the karst rock formations…

It’s one of the world’s most fantastic examples of humid tropical to subtropical karst landscapes, and there’s lots of parks protecting it!

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It’s one of the world’s most fantastic examples of humid tropical to subtropical karst landscapes, and there’s lots of parks protecting it!

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You’ll witness true beauty here whilst there’s also beautiful places for recreation and hiking so you’re guaranteed a real adventure here. Don’t hesitate…


Terracotta Army

As you might already know, the Terracotta Army was constructed to accompany the tomb of China’s first Emperor as an afterlife guard! There’s not just a few…there’s hundreds of life-size model soldiers, chariots and horses.

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You’ll need a fair few hours to explore this with an exhibition hall inside the museum too.

And there’s another quote to live by: “No one who has not seen these terracotta figures can claim to have visited China”. These sayings are something a traveller should live by, right?!

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The warriors were discovered after they’d been underground for 2,200 years so this one cannot go unseen…


Temple of Heaven

Another masterpiece but this time of architecture and landscape design! Its purpose is for emperors to worship heaven so trust us, is a place of tranquility and fascinating history.

The main hall was actually destroyed by a lightning strike in 1889 but was rebuilt through the next decade when it was officially listed as UNESCO World Heritage (about time as it was built between 1406 and 1420!)

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It’s more than just a temple, too. The total area of the park is around 670 acres so you have a lot of wandering around to do and you’ll of course visit the most striking building there: the Temple of Heaven.

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You’ll even find groups of people taking part in some morning exercises so feel free to join the moment if you fancy going one step further to your average sightseeing…


Chengdu Panda Sanctuary

It’s China’s national treasure and endangered species, the Giant Pandas!

Don’t worry, they’re safe in their own habitat in Chengdu with a very zoo-like environment, from the wet bamboo forest to the endless hollowed-out logs they make their dens from.

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There are four panda reserves to choose from so do a little research before and take your pick…

You’ll have a much better understanding of pandas once you leave and your trip will be enriched with much more, from a walk along the gorge to some time staring at the beautiful waterfalls!


Forbidden City

Another record made with this tourist spot…the Forbidden City is the largest ancient palatial structure in the world! It proudly displays the essence and culmination of traditional Chinese architecture.

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You’ll find it in the centre of Beijing and just keep in mind it took fourteen years to build! It gets even more impressive; it took over 1,000,000 workers to build, including more than 100,000 craftsmen.

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The Forbidden City falls into three parts: the defenses (moat and wall), the Outer Court and the Inner Court. Explore the 180 acres of space and you’ll be one of 14 million visitors per year!


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What part of the journey above would be your favourite? Have you already ticked some off your list? Which ones? What is left on your list of places you’d love to go?! Let us know below…

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