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A Guide To Why Japan Is The Place You Need To Add To Your Bucket list…

A Guide To Why Japan Is The Place You Need To Add To Your Bucket list…

Japan is  a great destination to visit all year round as every season offers something different to anyone who visits.

We offer a range of cruise packages all year round so here’s our guide on all things Japan as well as a breakdown of the different highlights you can experience depending on when you plan to visit.

Spring (March to May) is marked with the cherry blossom and other spring flowers. Known in Japanese culture for its symbolic fleeting beauty, they liken the petals to the life of the Samurai – a brief explosion of colour, bright for the duration of their short life. Temperatures are often pleasant and sunny.

Summer in Japan (July to September) is known for its hot and humid days. To ensure comfort, we start our tours in September, as the summer heats are cooling off. Some experiences are unique to summer, such as Kawadoko, dining on bamboo platforms built above a slow-flowing river. A unique experience and an excellent way to escape the summer heat.

Autumn in Japan (October to November) as temperatures dip after the scorching summer, the colours of the leaves change into vibrant shades of orange, red, yellow and brown. It’s a magnificent sight which has inspired artists and poets for centuries.

Winter in Japan (December to February) is quite dry and sunny in Kyoto to Tokyo and the temperatures drop as you move north, with central and northern regions experiencing snowfall. Within our bucket list package, we briefly visit Sapporo for a snow festival that started in the 1950s with students building snow statues, evolved over time to a large event attracting millions to visit every year.

Does Japan sound like somewhere you’d like to visit? If so, have a look at our brand new bucket list package HERE to find out all the details of what you can experience when visiting, plus options to travel all year round!

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