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The Great Debate: Public’s Vote Of P&O’s New Ship Name About To Be Announced

The Great Debate: Public’s Vote Of P&O’s New Ship Name About To Be Announced

Back in July last year, P&O revealed there would be a competition in which the public, and devoted fans of the line, could vote for the name of the next ship in their fleet.

The winning name will be announced this year and the winner themselves will have their chosen name emblazoned on the side of the ship, aswell as being given two VIP places at the ship’s naming ceremony in spring 2020.

P&O Cruises senior vice president, Paul Ludlow, clarified his thoughts: ‘This new ship will be the first new launch for P&O Cruises in five years and will play a pivotal role in redefining the brand and broadening our appeal.

‘It is therefore incredibly important that we have a name that reflects the ship’s heritage as well as highlighting the array of new cruising experiences it will offer – something memorable and dignified that reflects its position as the new star in our fleet.

But voting is now closed and the verdict will soon be revealed- what do you think P&O’s next ship should be called? Have your final say in our poll below…

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What did you vote? Are you excited for P&O’s ship in 2020? Which of the vessels in the fleet have you already sailed with? Leave us your comments, and click here to check out the newly released 2019 cruises…

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