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The Great Debate: Are Cruise Ships Bad For The Environment?

The Great Debate: Are Cruise Ships Bad For The Environment?

A new generation of cruise ships is on the way and they will be much more eco-friendly.

Clia has announced this after a recent Channel 4 investigation where Dispatches scrutinised the pollution and various waste levels of cruise ships.

But with 87 ships due to be fitted or refitted with alternative fuel options until 2026, Clia stated the industry is likely to become much more environmentally minded.

They have spoken out on the matter: ‘Clia member cruise lines take great care to ensure that each new generation of ships is more eco-friendly than the previous one and our members are committed to fitting existing ships with the latest technology as part of continued improvements across the industry.

‘Environmental sustainability is at the heart of the cruise lines’ economic models and it has been the absolute leader in the development and deployment of environmental technology innovations for decades.

‘Clia members have invested more than a billion dollars in technologies to minimise emissions and alternative fuel orders are in place for 87 cruise ships between 2017 and 2026.

‘We take our environmental commitment very seriously, it is the right thing to do, and we will continue to focus on improvement in this area as a priority across the sector.”

Carnival Corporation, owner of P&O Cruises, said that cruise ships make up less than 1% of the world’s 50,000 commercial maritime vessels.

‘Although a tiny fraction of the global maritime industry, cruise lines are leaders in implementing alternative fuels and emission-reduction technology,’ the company said.

But, what have you heard and what do you agree with? Are cruise ships getting better or worse for the environment? Have your say in our poll…


What did you vote for? Are you affected by whether cruise ships are bad for the environment or not? Would it change your opinion on cruising if you heard the worst? Leave us your thoughts and comments below!



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