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Ghostly Child’s Voice Caught On Video In Empty Cruise Ship Pool

What would you do if you were alone next to your cruise ships swimming pool at 3am in the morning when you heard a ghostly child’s voice come from nowhere asking…

“Mommy who is it? Mom?”

That’s exactly the question this cruiser had to answer when it happened to him…



Fortunately for us he managed to record it!

Not the QM2, Cunard’s current flagship you’ll be glad to know but rather her predecessor, which is now permanently moored in Long Beach, California and has been converted into a tourist attraction featuring restaurants, a museum and a hotel.

You may ask why someone would be recording the pool of a cruise ship that’s been retired since 1967 but the answer is quite simple…


The Queen Mary is the most haunted cruise ship of all time and he was on-board at the time investigating a whole manner of ghostly going’s on that had been reported over the years!


As a cruise ship the QM completed 1,001 transatlantic crossings and carried 765,429 military personnel during WW2 when she was conscripted into service. In that time nearly fifty souls died on-board, both crew and passengers (and that doesn’t include anyone who may have died on her during the war) so perhaps it’s not surprising that the odd haunting or two has been reported over the years!

Except it’s not just the odd one or two….

In fact the Queen Mary has been ranked as one of the ten most haunted places in all of America!

If you ever find yourself on-board the truly brave amongst you might want to explore cabin B340… Supposedly the most haunted part of the whole ship after a guest was murdered in their sleep!



Other ‘strange’ reporting’s include hearing the disembodied voices of children playing in the nursery, a young sailor wandering the decks after he died in a tragic accident in the engine room, crew-members of the Curacoa who were killed when the QM collided with her and an unidentified ‘lady in white’ who is said to roam the corridors after dark.

We’re not sure we’d be brave enough but such is the ships reputation that escorted ghost tours are now offered on-board for $24.95 per adult and $12.95 for children!

The ship’s reputation has grown so much  in ghost hunter’s circles that the Most Haunted team even took a trip out to Long Beach last year to investigate…



Would you be brave enough to explore the worlds most haunted cruise ship? Have you?

Did you ever take a cruise on her and do you remember any ‘ghostly’ going’s on? Have you ever seen a ghost on any other cruise ships?

Let us know in the comments below…

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