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Get The Perfect Night’s Sleep On Princess Cruises

Get The Perfect Night’s Sleep On Princess Cruises

Did you know that 70% of Brits struggle to get a good nights sleep on holiday?

Research showed that 66% of Brits are more sleep-deprived than many other countries, including Australia, USA and China.

Some of the top reasons affecting holidaymakers include being too hot or too cold. While 45% are unable to sleep due to an uncomfortable bed.

Holiday’s are supposed to be the time to unwind and relax, but having a bad nights sleep can put this on pause.

Get the perfect night’s sleep On Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises has carried out this research aiming to improve their customer’s nighttime experience by collaborating with sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus.

In addition to giving tips and guidance to Princess Cruises, Dr Michael Breus has aided in developing the Princess luxury bed.

The bed was designed by combing his scientific knowledge and the latest comfort technology to bring Princess Cruises customer’s the ultimate night’s sleep.

The luxury bed is available on all Princess Cruises ships and includes king-sized pillows with anti-allergy microfiber or feathers, fine linens, enhanced mattress support and individually wrapped coils.

Dr Breus stated: “Lack of sleep can really affect our mood and wellbeing on a day-to-day basis, whether at home or on holiday. That’s why it’s so important for us to be able to switch off our brains once our heads hit the pillow. When we’re away a comfortable bed and mattress are absolutely vital for a deep sleep. They’re often overlooked when we book a break but should clearly be considered alongside other holiday essentials.

“A restful holiday is an absolute must, so don’t leave sleeping arrangements to chance when you’re looking for your ideal holiday”.

Tony Roberts, Princess Cruises vice president UK & Europe, said: “Not getting enough sleep on holiday can be really problematic, especially when you’ve booked your getaway to spend quality time with a partner, friends or family.

“That is why we are focused on helping guests recharge and rejuvenate. Whether cruising the Mediterranean in the peak of summer months or sailing the icy straits of Alaska, all staterooms temperatures can be adjusted, while the luxury bed is perfect for getting the best possible night’s sleep”.

Princess Cruises hasn’t stopped there, they’ve also designed a range of facilities onboard to aid in improving the wellbeing of their customers. With their luxurious spas with an array of treatments, adult-only areas and complimentary room service!

So why not put this bed to the test and try it out yourselves!

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Do you struggle to sleep when you’re on holiday? What’s the main reason’s why you don’t get a perfect night’s sleep? Would you like to test Princess Cruises new beds?

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