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Fred Olsen Introduce The Simplest Way To Experience Their Sailings Yet (No Passport Required)

Fred Olsen Introduce The Simplest Way To Experience Their Sailings Yet (No Passport Required)

Fred Olsen have just announced a selection of short UK ‘Taster Cruises’ for their guests throughout the line’s 2017/2018 cruise season.

This reveal from the line will allow guests to come onboard its cruise ships for one night to enjoy a ‘snapshot’ of its facilities whilst experiencing a five-course dinner, variety of entertainment and stylish accommodation.

Guests wishing to opt for a Fred Olsen ‘Taster Cruise’ in 2017 can now do so without having to take out a Cruise Travel Insurance policy, making it even easier to experience a Fred Olsen cruise for the first time.

Head of Sales for Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, Neil Herbert, has stated: ‘At Fred Olsen, we are always looking to attract new-to-cruise customers and to make the cruising experience as easy and straightforward as possible. Our range of one-night ‘Taster Cruises’ in 2017 offers the perfect opportunity for potential cruisers to sample our product, without committing too much time or money.

‘And with the news that travel insurance is no longer required on these sailings, we hope to attract even more first-timers to try out our friendly and relaxed cruise holidays’.

In another attempt to remove any further ‘barrier’ for Fred Olsen guests wishing to enjoy a taster cruise with the line, but who do not hold a current passport, the range of short sailings will not require passengers to hold a valid passport. Instead, they can choose to use a different form of photographic identification at check-in.

The brand state that although all of their guests love their full-length adventures, they are aware that some people may not have the time for more than a few days or might want to just test whether cruising is definitely for them. Fred Olsen state their taster cruises to be perfect for getting a sense of what it’s like to be on one of their cruise ships without having to embark on a journey that could take weeks.


But, what are your thoughts on Fred Olsen‘s taster cruises?


What is your reaction to Fred Olsen‘s news? Do you recognise their attention to detail with their guests? Are you keen to try out Fred Olsen without the full committment? Is this something you think should be offered from more cruise lines? Which cruise lines would you pick? Leave us your comments!

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